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Pacific Blues domestic in-time performance stays at high altitude in February


Wednesday 10 March 2010: Pacific Blue continued a strong start to the year recording a domestic on-time performance result of 94.4% in February. This follows a January figure of 94.9%.

Pacific Blue CEO, Mark Pitt, said he believed the airline's positive on-time performance record was helping to build loyalty in the competitive domestic market.

“Pacific Blue was the first airline in New Zealand to regularly publish its domestic on-time performance results and we believe the message is getting through, especially to the corporate market.

“Domestic travellers understand that good on-time performance reflects an airline's commitment to excellent service. It shows we respect our Guests and we appreciate that their time is valuable.”

For the past six months the airline had achieved a monthly result of between 90% and 96% domestic on-time performance, with an average monthly figure of more than 93.5%.

“As a new world carrier, we focus on providing value for money and high-quality service. Everyone in our business understands the importance of on-time performance to the Guest experience,” Mr Pitt said.

Pacific Blue has been publishing its domestic on-time performance data on its website since July 2009, with data for the past 12 months.

On-time is counted as flights that depart within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time. Pacific Blue makes no exceptions for bad weather, air traffic control, delays from suppliers, unscheduled maintenance, consequences of previous delays or anything else.

Pacific Blue's domestic on-time performance is easily found on its website at via the “Flight Info” menu button