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Virgin Blue statement regarding Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal Judgement


Virgin Blue said today it was extremely surprised at the judgement brought down by the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Tribunal ("Hopper & Others -v- Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd") and the airline is now examining the judgement in detail considering that:

The Tribunal found that there was no intentional choice made by Virgin Blue to discriminate.

The selection criteria used in Virgin Blue recruitment processes was intended to, and did in fact, produce an ‘age neutral’ result.

The judgement stated that the airline's recruitment policies and processes do not discriminate, yet it concludes at the same time that the airline's recruitment personnel applying the otherwise age-neutral system, were "unconsciously discriminating on the basis of age"*.

"We respect the legal process, but that process is by no means complete, "said Heather Jeffery, General Manager Public Affairs.

"We stand behind the integrity of Virgin Blue’s recruitment practices and the members of our recruitment team who undertake them; and we are now considering the judgement in detail before deciding our best course of action," she said.

* Anti-Discrimination Tribunal Queensland, ’Hopper & Others -v- Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd’, 10 October 2005