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Virgin Blue To Offer International Flight Connections From A To NZ


Virgin Blue today announced that, in conjunction with its sister airline, Pacific Blue, it will offer flight connections to and from Australia and New Zealand so that international Guests and their luggage will be able to connect seamlessly between the two networks.

Bookings for connecting flights can now be made on Pacific Blue’s website (, through Virgin Blue’s award winning Guest Contact Centre on 13 6789 or through a travel agent.

The introduction of connections means that international business and leisure Guests will be offered “through fares” from their origin to their destination. For example, Guests travelling from Adelaide to Christchurch can be sold a “through fare”, with the connecting or transit port being Melbourne.

Baggage will be automatically transferred so travellers don’t have to go to the trouble of collecting their bags halfway and re-presenting themselves for check-in a second time. This is already available for Virgin Blue flights across the domestic network with the streamlined process proving very popular with busy travellers.

Virgin Blue has developed a convenient schedule that allows for a minimum connection** time of 60 minutes in Melbourne and 90 minutes in Brisbane and Sydney for flights sold as connecting flights. This is intended to ensure that Guests have enough time to arrive at their connecting port and complete an aircraft change if required.

David Huttner, Head of Strategy and Communications, said, “Virgin Blue was the first airline to believe that a high quality, low fare jet service should be offered to regional Australia. Having convenient international connections to and from Tasmania, North Queensland and South and Western Australia means Australian tourism from New Zealand will move beyond the eastern capitals.”

He continued, “Additionally, the Australian public who has strongly supported Virgin Blue services both for their business and personal travel will now have the same great value and friendly staff when they travel to New Zealand.”

Guests can book connecting flights on the Virgin Blue and Pacific Blue networks between the following destinations:

Adelaide - Christchurch4 March$269* one way on the net
Cairns - Christchurch4 March$279* one way on the net
Hobart - Christchurch4 March$299* one way on the net
Launceston - Christchurch4 March$289* one way on the net
Perth - Christchurch4 March$319* one way on the net
Perth - Wellington10 March$319* one way on the net
Townsville – Christchurch28 March$299* one way on the net

* Fares are quoted in Australian dollars, ex-Australia, include all taxes and charges and are for flights booked on the Internet. $10 more by phone. Mid-Week Mini-Fares are for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Fares are subject to availability and may not be available on all flights or peak days. International flights commencing January 2004 subject to receipt of government approvals.

** The minimum connection time applies only to those flights sold as connecting flights i.e. not to standard single sector flights. Where a Guest does not book ‘through fares’ but opts for two single sectors to get to their destination, standard Virgin Blue rules apply, requiring the Guest ensure they have ample time to re-check both themselves and their luggage.