Excess baggage charges

Excess baggage is charged per piece and can be pre-purchased as additional pieces to the included allowances or purchased by pieces at the airport at a higher rate.

Note: Excess baggage fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

Maximum limits

Oversized baggage can be checked in, provided each piece does not exceed 32kg in weight. Guests with baggage pieces heavier than 32kg each should contact Freight Services on 13 15 06 before arrive at the airport.


Virgin Australia’s fleet includes a number of different aircraft types, all of which have slightly different operational limitations that affect the weight and size of the baggage they can carry.

Aircraft Type Maximum Length
B737 3.0 metres in length
A320 9.8 metres in length (depending on the flexibility of the item)
F100 6.0 metres in length (depending on the flexibility of the item)


Virgin Australia will make all reasonable efforts to transport oversized items on the same flight as their owners, but we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

Fragile items

Oversized and fragile items accepted on Virgin Australia include but are not be limited to the following:

Oversized baggage that is accepted on Virgin Australia flights may not be accepted on any interline or codeshare flights. The customer should contact any other applicable airline to discuss uplift of oversized baggage.

Wheelchairs and mobility aids

Wheelchairs/mobility aids are carried free of charge when required for personal use by guests who are travelling. For further information on travelling with assistance see our Mobility Assistance page.

Due to restrictions in our aircraft hold space there is a limit on the amount of electric wheelchairs/mobility aids permitted per flight. The maximum amount and dimensions of electric wheelchairs/mobility aids are as listed below. All items must be properly packaged, so that they do not cause damage to our aircraft or guest baggage.

Wheelchair/Mobility Aids B737
Number (per flight) 2
Height 84cm (33in)
Width 100cm (39in)
Length 125cm (49in)


Sports equipment

Each item of sports equipment represents one piece of checked baggage. If you would like to purchase additional baggage, please visit Manage Your Booking or call the Guest Contact Centre. 

Sporting equipment must not exceed 32kg or maximum dimensions, which varies between aircraft types.
If your sporting equipment item exceeds 23kg, an overweight baggage fee will apply.


What sports equipment can I check in?

Travelling with a bike

Bicycles including battery powered electric bikes will only be accepted as checked baggage if packaged in a hard or soft manufactured bike box. Bike boxes may be purchased at the airport check-in counter. Before bicycles can be accepted for uplift, they must be packaged as follows:

Generally, the following applies to disassemble a bike:

When packing a bike, remember to:

Additional requirements for a battery powered electric bike:

Note: If a bike is not packed according to Virgin Australia's requirements, or is not checked in prior to one hour before departure, we will not be able to accept the bike for travel.

We recommend that guests pre-purchase a box and pack their bike at least 24 hours prior to departure to ensure it is ready on time. Bike boxes can be purchased the airport for $25.00.

Travelling with a surfboard

Surfboards may only be accepted onboard if packaged in a protective covering, with padded protection around the fin area. Virgin Australia recommends surfboard fins be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment.

Travelling with skis or a snowboard

Snow skis and snowboards may only be accepted onboard as checked baggage if packaged in a protective skis/snowboard bag.

Travelling with a fishing rod

Fishing rods must be protected in a PVC cylinder, with screw ends obtained from a local fishing store, or in PVC plumbing or electrical tubing. Fishing Rods must not be strapped to suitcases or other baggage. 

Travelling with a firearm

Firearms are permitted as Checked Baggage. It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure all necessary permits and licenses required for the country you are travelling to, from or through, are held prior to travel.

Requirements of Travel:

Musical instruments

Guests may take small musical instruments onboard as carry-on baggage provided that each instrument does not exceed dimensions of 85cm x 34cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions 142cm). As an example only, many violins fit within these dimensions, while most guitars do not.

An instrument replaces one of the guest’s pieces of carry-on baggage (equivalent to a piece with total linear dimensions of 105cm), and the weight counts toward the guest’s 7kg total carry-on allowance.

Guests are asked to measure their musical instrument before arriving at the airport. It is recommended that guests board their aircraft promptly in order to stow their instrument in an overhead locker.

Larger musical instruments (exceeding dimensions of 85cm x 34cm x 23cm) are not allocated an additional baggage allowance and are managed as follows:

Seafood, meat and frozen products 

You may take seafood, meat and frozen products (Perishable Products) as checked baggage on Virgin Australia-operated flights when packed in the following way and at your risk: 

Note: Live seafood (e.g. crayfish and mud crabs) must not be carried as checked baggage. If you wish to transport live seafood you must contact Freight Services.

It is your responsibility to make sure you comply with all Customs and Quarantine requirements for your port of entry. If you do not, your Perishable Products may be confiscated. Virgin Australia accepts no liability for any loss related to the confiscation of products.

The transport of Perishable Products is at Your risk and subject to the liability regime set out in Our Conditions of Carriage.

Note that Perishable Products that are not packed in accordance with these requirements can cause significant damage to other passengers’ baggage and the aircraft, and flight delays connected with baggage removal, cleaning and flight cancellations.

For more information on Customs and Quarantine requirements please refer to the relevant government department. Australia and New Zealand government department websites are included below.

Non-standard items 

Non-standard baggage items that are not infant items are considered as part of a guest’s piece allowance.

Wheelchairs/mobility aids are carried free of charge when required for personal use by a guest who is travelling.

Note: The only item that can occupy a seat (apart from a guest) is a cello. If you are travelling with a cello please call our Guest Contact Centre to book an extra seat.

Hunting trophies/shark fins

Virgin Australia does not support the transportation of hunting trophies, endangered species or shark fins and therefore, does not transport these items.

Human remains

Cremated remains (human and animal) in the form of ashes may be stored in carry-on or checked baggage but must be shipped in funeral urns which are effectively cushioned against breakage by suitable packaging. The ashes must be contained in a sealed container (urn) of such construction that there can be no risk of accidental spillage.

A funeral urn carried in the cabin as carry-on baggage by a guest must conform to the following conditions before being accepted:

If a customer enquires about transporting a coffin, they are required to do so via Freight.