Bookings made before 16 May 2012

Bookings made before 16 May 2012 will be subject to our old weight-based checked baggage allowance. However, if you choose to purchase additional baggage any time before your flight (including at the airport) your original booking will be updated to adhere to our new baggage piece policy.

Bookings made on or after 16 May 2012

On 16 May 2012 we will be updating our systems to support our new piece-based baggage policy. Under this new policy guests will have the option to pre-purchase an additional baggage allowance for flights on our domestic and international short haul networks.

Please note that this change will take effect through Virgin Australia systems on 16 May 2012. However, new bookings made through third party systems such as those used by travel agents or third party online travel booking websites may still use the old weight-based baggage policy for several days after the 16 May 2012. If you have any concerns about your booking, please contact your travel agent, or our Guest Contact Centre.

Note: No changes have been made to our carry-on baggage policy, or our checked baggage policy for international long haul flights.

Pre-purchase allowance for additional pieces

Your baggage allowance is now based on the number of baggage pieces rather than the total weight. Each baggage piece has a generous weight limit of either 23kg or 32kg – depending on your fare type or Velocity membership level. Our new piece system helps to prevent unexpected large excess baggage fees and makes managing your travel requirements easier.

You now have the option to pre-arrange allowance for baggage pieces online or through the Guest Contact Centre (where a service fee may apply) up to one hour before your flight, or at the airport for a higher fee.

Up to three baggage pieces can be pre-arranged. This will include any allowance allocated to your fare type and Velocity membership level.

For example, if you are a Velocity Silver member, you have one baggage piece included in your ticket. If you want to purchase additional baggage pieces you can only add two extra pieces, as you will then have reached the three pieces pre-arranged limit allowed per guest. If you still wish to purchase additional pieces, you can do so at the airport.

Up to nine baggage pieces in total can be checked in at the airport (including any allowance allocated to your fare type and Velocity membership level).

Note: Baggage allowance can also be arranged any time after you book via ‘Manage My Booking’.

Travelling with infants

Adults travelling with infants are still entitled to a stroller, bassinet or car seat free of charge. Adults accompanying infants are also entitled to one extra piece of carry-on baggage, weighing up to 7kg (15lb), with dimensions equal to no more than 115cm (45in).

Travelling with baggage pieces more than 32kg each

If you need to transport baggage pieces that are heavier than 32kg each you should contact Freight Services on 13 15 06 before arriving at the airport. Baggage pieces that are larger than the total linear dimensions outlined in our baggage policy may be accepted as oversized baggage provided they do not exceed the oversized items limits. The 32kg limit per baggage piece is a regulation that applies to all airlines operating in Australia.

New flat-rate for overweight or additional pieces of baggage

We have replaced our per kilogram excess baggage fee with new flat fees for overweight or additional pieces of baggage. These fees can be paid when checking in at the airport. Baggage pieces that exceed 32kg each must be sent via Freight Services.

Connecting domestic and international flights

Guests with formal connecting domestic and international long haul flights will receive the benefit of the applicable international baggage allowance for their entire journey. However, if a guest is travelling on an "informal" connection – i.e. has booked a domestic flight separately to their international flight – then the domestic sector will be governed by the domestic baggage allowance policy.