at the airport


We ask that you check-in at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights. This will allow us sufficient time to take care of your travelling and seating requirements. You will be unable to check in via web check or self check kiosks as it is important that we have the opportunity to discuss and confirm the exact level of assistance you require.

You will also be advised of your estimated pre-boarding time, as early boarding allows for a private transfer into the aircraft and allows time for staff to transport wheelchairs to the aircraft hold. You will be advised of the pre-boarding time upon check-in.

Guests with Manual Wheelchairs

You can either check in your manual wheelchair and we will provide you with an airport aisle wheelchair or self propelled wheelchair for use within the airport or, where possible, you can choose to take your own manual wheelchair to the boarding gate. Your wheelchair will then be stowed in the aircraft hold.

DOMESTIC ONLY - Please note that due to security restrictions, only wheelchairs/mobility aids that have been taken through security screening on departure can be returned to you at the arrivals gate at your destination, otherwise you can collect your wheelchair at the arrivals carousel. This option is for manual (non-motorised) wheelchairs only as motorised wheelchairs must be packed according to dangerous goods regulations before travel.

Guests with Motorised Wheelchairs/Mobility Aid

We ask you to report to check in with your wheelchair/mobility aid no later than 60 minutes prior to departure for domestic and 2 hours prior to departure for international so your chair can be packed according to dangerous good regulations. We will then provide you with an airport wheelchair or our staff will assist you in a motorised wheelchair to the boarding gate. Upon arrival, your motorised wheelchair can be collected from the arrivals carousel. Please ensure you advise us at the time of booking of your requirement to utilise a Virgin Australia motorised wheelchair as numbers of these are limited, and may not be available in all ports.

We also have requirements for the size and handling of motorised wheelchairs/ mobility aids on board our aircraft including details on packing your wheelchair battery for travel. Please read the information for your battery type:

Wheelchairs/Mobility Aids with Non-Spillable Batteries
Wheelchairs/Mobility Aids with Spillable Batteries

You, or your carer are responsible for:

If this is not possible, we ask that you provide us with verbal or written instructions on how to correctly disassemble your wheelchair.

There is a limitation of 2 electric wheelchairs / mobility aids per flight due to restrictions in our aircraft hold space.

The maximum dimensions of electric wheelchairs/mobility aids that can be carried on our aircraft are: 125cm in length, 100cm wide and 84cm in height.

Transferring to the aircraft

You will be transferred into an aisle wheelchair to board the aircraft through an aerobridge where this is available. At ports with no aerobridge you will transfer into an aisle chair prior to boarding via the Disabled Person Lifter (DPL) at check in or on the tarmac. At the aircraft you will either:

On arrival you will be supplied with a wheelchair (manual self propelled or motorised where available) or your own manual wheelchair upon request. IMPORTANT: DOMESTIC ONLY - Only wheelchairs/mobility aids that were taken through security screening on departure can be returned to you at the arrivals gate at your destination.