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Guests with Special Service Needs

The Virgin Australia Group are committed to ensuring that guests with special needs are treated with the same dignity, courtesy and respect as all other guests. We view our responsibility to provide safe and accessible air travel without discrimination very seriously; however, due to system, staff and safety restrictions, there are limits to the services we can provide to guests with special needs.

To assist us in accommodating your special needs, we must know about them in advance. You must call our Guest Contact Centre to make your booking at no additional cost (with the exception of children travelling alone) to ensure we know what your requirements are and that we are able to accommodate them. Virgin Australia will not accept bookings for guests with special service needs unless made via the Guest Contact Centre. If you fail to advise us in advance, we may refuse you travel.

If you are connecting with other airlines, you will need to check and comply with their policies for guests with special service needs.

Virgin Australia are able to offer a range of services to guests with special needs however to travel independently you must be able to satisfy our ‘Independent Travel Criteria’.

For more information on travelling with special needs, please select from the following:

Important Information

We pride ourselves on our promotion and support for fair treatment and equality of opportunity by taking steps to combat unfair discrimination, harassment and vilification in the provision of goods and services.

We view our responsibility to provide goods and services without discrimination, harassment or vilification (to the extent possible) very seriously. The Virgin Australia Group takes reasonable steps to fulfil this obligation. These steps include, but are not limited to:

Through the use of policies, training and review we monitor and refine their procedures to ensure that the manner in which our goods and services are supplied, and the terms on which they are supplied, are non-discriminatory.