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Microsoft® Silverlight® troubleshooting guide

Microsoft® Silverlight® Troubleshooting for Mac OS Users

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X (10.7 – 10.11)

Supported Web Browsers

  • Safari® 9.1 Note: Only the most recent version under a major version number is supported, excluding test, preview, alpha, and beta builds, none of which are supported.

Tips & Tricks

  • Silverlight® is not supported in ChromeTM browser
  • Ensure latest versions of BOTH Microsoft Silverlight® & Safari® browser are installed on device. Latest version information & software downloads can be found here:
  • Load the test page while connected to the internet to check that the version of MS Silverlight® and Safari® installed on your laptop are compatible with the Virgin Australia Wireless In-flight Entertainment System.
    If your laptop is compatible with our entertainment system, a short video will be played then the ‘Start’ screen will appear (see screenshot of Start screen below). It may take a few minutes for the video to load, please be patient.
  • If the video on the above test page does not play, restart your computer then load the test page again.
  • If the video still doesn’t play, please contact for further troubleshooting assistance. Screenshots of any error messages you are encountering would be helpful.

Tips for Silverlight on Windows devices

  • Videos will only work if the device is connected to the Virgin Australia Wireless In-flight Entertainment system on-board an aircraft. Users who are not connected to the on-board system may successfully load the On-Ground Portal, which is accessed via the Test Page. The test link will allow users to navigate the system and preview content available for the current month, however videos will not play due to licensing restrictions which limit viewing to the in-flight environment only.
  • Microsoft Silverlight is not supported on Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers. Users must use Internet Explorer as their web browser when connecting to the Virgin Australia Wireless In-flight Entertainment system.
  •  Windows 10 Users - Internet Explorer must be launched from Desktop Mode, not via the Metro (apps) Interface.
  • Ensure latest version of Internet Explorer is installed (currently version 11)
  • Ensure latest version MS Silverlight® is installed (currently version 5)