Travel Agents

 What is GSO

The Group Sales Optimiser is an advanced system designed especially for you in direct consultation with team members from the Groups department and Revenue Management, resulting in a system specifically designed to cater for our customer's needs.


Benefits of GSO for Agents 

  • The Agent has full control of quoting. This allows you to quote immediately on varying quoting options to ensure your client has access to the best possible flying options. 
  • All fares will be optimised, ensuring Virgin Australia is selling the best fare for the amount of seats that you require on the requested flight.
  • Virgin Australia will offer a dedicated Support Team to assist with troubleshooting and problem solving immediately.
  • A customised Terms and Conditions snap shot will be visible instantly when you request an offer giving you the ability to view Booking Conditions and deadlines associated with Group Quotes.
  • Ability to convert your active quote to a booking instantly
  • Ability to manage your booking from quote to final payment with the support of your Dedicated Virgin Australia Group Sales consultant
  • Visibility over your offices quotes and bookings

Please see our Privacy Policy and our Privacy Statement for General Enquiries for details on how your personal information will be handled when you request a quote from us.



For assistance, see the GSO User Guides and FAQs


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