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Stakeholder Engagement

As part of our commitment to operating a sustainable business, Virgin Australia engages with a range of stakeholders on a regular basis. We have identified our key stakeholders by analysing those groups that are intrinsically linked to, are affected by, or could have an effect on, Virgin Australia’s operations. 

Our key stakeholders include our employees, shareholders, Guests, community groups, governments and regulators, unions and our major suppliers. A summary of our stakeholders and our process of engagement is provided below.

Stakeholder Group Our Engagement
Employees Virgin Australia engages with staff through direct staff communications (email and intranet), an annual staff engagement survey, quarterly employee road shows, internal team meetings and internal training and development.
Guests Virgin Australia engages with guests in a number of ways including through our Guest Relations team, websites, Velocity Frequent Flyer, social media, market based research and focus groups, the in-flight magazine, touch points throughout a guest's journey and the Guest Contact Centre.
Shareholders and Investor Groups Virgin Australia engages with investors through investor briefings, annual general meetings, annual reports, sustainability reporting, and responding to investor group initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project.
Governments and Regulators Virgin Australia’s engagement with governments and regulators is coordinated through the Group Executive, Government Relations. We engage directly with governments and regulators and participate in consultation processes, policy forums and advisory groups.
Community Groups Virgin Australia engages with the broader community through our official charitable foundation Red Jet, Virgin Unite (the non-profit foundation of the global Virgin Group), annual reports, our websites, the mass media, social media and our Guest Contact Centre. We engage directly with non-government organisations and community groups through our partnerships and programs. Virgin Australia also directly engages with representatives from communities living near airports through the Community Aviation Consultation Groups and other forums.
Unions Virgin Australia engages directly and regularly with union leaders on topics including health and safety, and negotiating awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.
Suppliers Virgin Australia engages directly with suppliers through procurement, contract execution and ongoing contract management.