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Virgin Australia unleashes canine crew to deliver new serivces


Virgin Australia has today introduced a world-first Canine Crew service to bolster its award-winning in-flight service.

Hundreds of dogs have been specially trained at a new purpose built canine crew training facility over the past few months in preparation for their introduction to service on all Boeing 737, Airbus A330 and Boeing 777 aircraft in the Virgin Australia fleet.

A video showing our Canine Crew in training can be viewed here and downloaded here.

From a Groodle greeting as guests board the aircraft to a Schnauzer snuggle, Canine Crew services include:

• An exclusive handshake welcome for all Platinum and Gold Velocity Frequent Flyer members
• A dog walking service to encourage guests to stretch their legs up and down the aisle
• A placeholder puppy to mind a guest’s place in any lines for the lavatory and
• Puppy play time to occupy guests on long haul services from Australia to Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

The comfort and safety of our Canine Crew has been our number one priority when planning the new service. Each dog will wear a tailor made jacket designed for optimal comfort during their flight. There will also be a crew kennel on board for rest periods.

The service commences on 1 April 2017.

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