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Pacific Blue records 94% domestic on-time performance in November


Thursday 17 December 2009: Pacific Blue recorded another strong on-time performance result last month, with 94% of domestic New Zealand flights departing on time.

The November result is slightly ahead of the 93% domestic on-time performance result achieved in October.

Pacific Blue CEO, Mark Pitt, said the latest figure continued a positive run for 2009.

“This is the fourth month in a row where the airline’s domestic on time performance has been 90% or higher,” he said. “In fact there has only been one month this year where domestic on-time performance dipped below 90%.”

Mr Pitt said the airline’s commitment to making on-time performance a priority was noted by its Guests.

“Our own research shows that on-time departures are very much appreciated by Guests and something they comment on in our Guest satisfaction surveys.”

Pacific Blue was the first New Zealand domestic airline to publicly report its on-time performance figures and has been publishing the data regularly on its website since July 2009, with data going back to January 2009.

On-time is counted as flights that depart within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time. Pacific Blue makes no exceptions for bad weather, air traffic control, delays from suppliers, unscheduled maintenance, consequences of previous delays, or anything else.

Pacific Blue’s domestic on-time performance is easily found from its home page via the “Flight Info” menu button, or at the URL below: