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Polynesian Blue’s Tourism Boom For Samoa


The launch of Polynesian Blue Airlines and its ongoing efforts to stimulate tourism and travel to Samoa are already stimulating growth according to new data that shows tourism in Samoa grew by 14.5% for January-May 2006 compared to an average of just 3.9% per year for the past ten years.*

The largest growth has come from Australia and New Zealand, the two countries where Polynesian Blue operates.

The number of Australians travelling to Samoa has also been given a boost with a market increase of 45% overall and 127% in the key holiday segment. The number of people travelling from Samoa to Australia has also increased by 59% since Polynesian Blue’s entry.

Karam Chand, Head of Commercial for Polynesian Blue said, “The statistics demonstrate that our joint venture with the Samoan Government is beginning to achieve its objective of stimulating tourism for Samoa. Polynesian Blue is majority Samoan owned, it has the national interests of Samoa at heart and this commitment to the Samoan community is translating to tourism and economic benefits.”

Despite being less than 12 months old, Polynesian Blue has already increased capacity, adding an additional weekly flight between Auckland and Apia taking it from four to five flights per week.

Additional flights are also being planned for peak holiday periods, including Christmas, to allow families to spend the festive season together as well as offering holiday makers the opportunity to enjoy the natural delights of Samoa.

The decision to introduce additional peak period flights comes as a result of public demand and follows previous holiday periods where Polynesian Blue flights were fully booked weeks in advance.

“We are confident that Poly Blue will continue to play a key role in stimulating tourism and we look forward to working with the local community to ensure our flights suit their future needs”, Karam Chand added.

* Sources: National Department of Statistics Samoa

Polynesian Blue is a joint venture partnership between Virgin Blue and the Government of Samoa. For Polynesian Blue bookings, contact your travel agent or log onto Flights offered by Polynesian Blue Limited using Pacific Blue Airlines (NZ) Limited aircraft.