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Incident Report


Regarding the security incident reported today, Virgin Blue can clarify the following points.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Australian Protective Services which is the first response unit of the Australian Federal Police, within approximately 15 minutes of discovery of the object.

Virgin Blue has rigorous safety and security training procedures in place for all staff. We continue to review all events as they occur to look at further ways to enhance this training and our procedures.

Virgin Blue is fully co-operating with the investigation by the Australian Federal Police and we encourage all other parties to focus their entire attention to assist in any way they can to do the same.

The Australian Federal Police lead these investigations and any further disclosure of information is at their discretion.

It is the long established policy of Virgin Blue not to conduct media interviews regarding specific security incidents while an investigation is ongoing.

No further comment will be made by Virgin Blue prior to the completion of the investigation.