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Virgin Blue Urges Minister Of Transport To Intervene


Virgin Blue has written today to Minister of Transport, The Honourable John Anderson, to intervene to break the impasse on access to the Ansett terminal at Sydney Airport.

Virgin Blue has asked him to direct the Department of Transport and Regional Services to urgently form a working group between the airlines and the airport so that the present deadlock can be broken.

Virgin Blue has offered to work alongside representatives from the airport, Qantas and Australia wide to ensure that the development of the former Ansett terminal meets the needs of all parties.

The presence of Transport officials will also ensure that the interest of any new entrant carrier will be properly represented in a way that is balanced and is not meant to drive any party’s particular agenda.

Virgin Blue Deputy CEO, Rob Sherrard, stated, “We hope the Sydney Airport Board meeting on Friday will break the deadlock with an expedient solution that meets the needs of the travelling public, otherwise the Department seems to be the only neutral body that will be able to cut through some of the bureaucracy and misleading statements impacting on Virgin Blue and our customers.”

Virgin Blue would welcome the opportunity to attend such a meeting at any location at the earliest possible date as the situation is urgent.