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Virgin Blue Upgrades Into Former Ansett Terminal


Virgin Blue has reached agreement with the Cairns Port Authority (CPA) to move its operations from the International to the Domestic Terminal from Friday May 24, providing Guests with a more comfortable, modern and efficient facility.

The move to the CPA Domestic Terminal will benefit Guests who will experience a more efficient and pleasant process through excellent facilities that offer more concessions for both inbound and outbound passengers.

The new terminal also allows the flexibility to board and disembark Guests via the tarmac or aerobridge as business demand dictates, facilitating on-time performance in line with Virgin Blue’s Australia-wide operations.

Launching its Cairns services in December last year, the low fare carrier began using the International Terminal as a temporary home to make sure the people of Far North Queensland had access to low fares.

Virgin Blue has worked closely with the Cairns Port Authority to gain access to the new terminal, offering travellers to and from Far North Queensland modern conveniences for more timely operations.

Virgin Blue CEO, Brett Godfrey said, While we appreciate the airport making the International Terminal available during the recent months, it was clear to all that the facility wasn't up to the standard our Guests expected in the long run, nor was it the best front door for Cairns’ renowned tourism profile.

Brett Godfrey continued, We are very happy with the move as it’s clearly a great way for Virgin Blue to help develop tourism in the North particularly during the upcoming peak season. People want low fares all year round, not just at off-peak times that suited the airlines in the past.

CPA Chairman, Clive Skarott said, Today sees the achievement of a significant milestone, with Cairns Airport being the first airport in Australia to be able to accommodate Virgin Blue in a former Ansett Terminal facility. It is clearly pleasing to witness such a successful outcome in record time. Additionally, CPA are delighted to be able to offer Virgin Blue and their guests improved passenger facilities in keeping with Virgin Blue’s high standard of customer service.

Recently launching direct Cairns-Melbourne flights following strong demand for the initial Cairns-Brisbane non-stop services, Virgin Blue’s connecting services from Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra have exceeded booking expectations creating further growth in tourism traffic.

With strong loads currently averaging more than 70% capacity across the board on Cairns flights, the introduction of new routes is being considered for the future.

Access to consistently low fares for the first time in years has been a huge boost to both the tourism and cost conscious business’ in Cairns, and we are keen to continue developing our route network to include more flights and destinations out of Cairns, Brett Godfrey finished.