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Ansett Frequent Flyers Can Have Their Two Bobs Worth For Two Bob


Ansett Global Reward frequent flyers will be able to fly Virgin Blue to have their say at the Ansett creditors meeting on January 29, with the low fare carrier offering a limited number of return flights to Melbourne for 20 cents (plus taxes and levies)

Virgin Blue has been surprised that Ansett customers have not been given their chance to redeem points during recent months on unsold seats.

To help a handful of those people out, Virgin Blue is offering to recognise their points for their return flight to Melbourne, taking 60 former Ansett Frequent Flyers to Melbourne on January 29 so they can attend the Ansett Creditors meeting and put in their '2 bobs worth for 2 bob'.

To take advantage of this special offer, Ansett frequent flyers simply need to apply at and be prepared to pay 10 cents* each way plus any additional taxes, charges and the Ansett levy.

Virgin Blue spokesperson, Amanda Bolger said, "This is a great chance for people who feared their points may have been worthless and we thought it would be a good opportunity to help these creditors to have their say at the meeting."

Virgin Blue will make 60 return seats available, ten from each state that Virgin Blue offers direct flights to Melbourne, including Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Launceston and Canberra.

To register, Ansett frequent flyers must have a minimum of 25,000 points, the average amount required by Ansett for a return domestic flight. Normal Virgin Blue special fare conditions will apply.

Those who secure the special offer flights will be notified within 24 hours and will be contacted by Virgin Blue staff who will request a faxed copy of their last Ansett statement for verification of points. All registrations must be completed by 4pm Thursday January 25.

Passengers are responsible for all expenses during their Melbourne visit and Perth guests will need to make their own arrangements for an overnight stay the nights before and after the Ansett Creditors Meeting.

Seats have been reserved on flights designed to get Guests to Melbourne in time for the meeting and leave that evening. Passengers wishing to stay longer can do so, subject to the availability of special discount seats.

"Virgin Blue does not have its own frequent flyer program as we question the worth of existing programs, which are currently under review by the ACCC and rarely deliver anything but frustration and disenchantment. We believe real loyalty is inspired by long-term sustainable low fares and unbeatable customer service.

While Virgin Blue has no plans to introduce a frequent flyer program, the exceptional circumstances surrounding the Ansett situation inspired us to make this one-off offer to the Ansett frequent flyers who will now be able to voice their opinions at the meeting without having to dig deeper in to their pockets", finished Amanda Bolger.

Virgin Blue currently services every State and Territory in the country. The airline recently announced an $8.2-million trading profit for the half year ending September and is currently expanding its fleet of brand new Next Generation Boeing 737 aircraft.