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Adelaide-Sydney Three Times A Day


Virgin Blue Gets Down To Business

Virgin Blue Airlines continues to expand its route network, today launching a direct Adelaide-Sydney service.

It will compliment the existing direct Brisbane-Adelaide flights and is aimed at providing a low fare option between the two cities, with schedules to suit both business and leisure travellers.

The route expansion comes despite an aggressive attack by Qantas on Virgin Blue's existing Brisbane-Adelaide route, a move which is currently before the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

While other carriers only offer truly discounted fares on routes where they face serious competition, Virgin Blue vows to continue offering flexible low fares on all its routes.

Chief Executive Officer, Brett Godfrey said, "It's interesting to note that on routes they duopolies, such as Perth or Darwin, the big guys simply don't offer consistent low fares. We expect that to change when we get into those markets but isn't it somewhat un-Australian to take advantage of those who have no other airline option and use them to cross subsidise routes where there is real competition?"

He continued, "Virgin Blue is proud to have introduced Australians to affordable air travel and we embrace the concept of fair competition. What we don't embrace is Qantas's selective price matching and capacity dumping which we believe is aimed at driving new carriers out of the market."

Virgin Blue has been overwhelmed by the support received from the public, inspiring the airline to begin its new Adelaide-Sydney service.

"We are excited to be adding another route to our network and are eager to continue spreading our wings and connecting more regional and capital cities across the country. We will double our fleet by the end of the year, providing plenty of opportunity for new destinations and extending the availability of low fares to new markets. Compass was belted out of operation and we all saw the result! High fares and no real competition. It's up to the ACCC and the Australian Government to protect new carriers from unfair practices."

Meanwhile, talks are continuing with Adelaide Airport and state government representatives in relation to the proposed new terminal facility.

Virgin Blue believes the new terminal, designed for Qantas and Ansett, is not suited to a low fare operation and the airline has put a number of alternative options forward for consideration.