Traveller’s Ultimate Checklist

Print screen metro layouts and local maps to orientate yourself.

Use our traveller’s checklist to help guide your preparations and optimise your experience.


Ear plugs and eye mask: Minimise interruptions and stimulus, to sleep easily in rowdy hotels, on noisy transportation, and to recharge with day-time booster naps.   

Neck pillow and travel blanket (scarf/sarong): Make less-than-comfortable situations, comfortable. 

Tissues: Doubles as toilet paper, serviettes and a cleaning apparatus.  

Zip-lock plastic bags: Store small items like toiletries and cords. Keep miscellaneous coins out of your wallet. Separate dirty clothes from clean clothes.

Strapping tape: Doubles as a band aid or a quick fix for a broken shoe/item of clothing.

Hand sanitiser: Clean your hands quickly, without water or a rest room, before you eat. 

Double headed power adapter: Eliminate lost hours waiting for your phone and camera to recharge, charge multiple items at the same time. 

First aid kit (ibuprofen, antiseptic, band aids etc.): Prevent small pains/aches from ruining your plans.  

Haven’t worn it, don’t pack it: Avoid ill-fitting items of clothing or shoes.  

Tag your bag: Place a bright ribbon or distinctive sticker on your bag, so you'll never have to wonder which is yours on the carousel.


Know the exchange rate: Do some rough conversion, so you have an idea of what things actually cost, e.g. 10000 Indonesian Rupiah = 1 Australian Dollar / 1 Great British Pound = 1.7 Australian Dollar. 

Get a traveller's credit card: Avoid international conversion fees. We recommend Velocity Global Wallet

Withdraw cash in large sums: Avoid ATM fees for multiple withdrawals. 

Carry small notes/coins: Many small to medium sized businesses don’t accept large notes, and service providers like taxis often don't carry change.

Spend your coins before you leave: Coins cannot be exchanged.


Buy a local pre-paid SIM card: Phone calls/messages and data will be a lot cheaper than global roaming charges.

Use Wi-Fi rather than data: Avoid excessive roaming data charges.  

Print screen metro layouts and local maps: To orientate yourself.   

Use Google Maps offline function: Access maps on-the-go without Wi-Fi or data. 

Getting Around 

Write down addresses (and nearby landmarks): Make asking for directions easy.  

Hire a GPS for your rental car: Take the stress off your navigator, and get there on time.  

Don’t get in a cab that doesn’t have a meter: Avoid excessive fares. 

Walk a street or two back from the touristy areas: The price drops by half.

Paper Work

Travel insurance:  If you travel overseas more than twice a year, consider a frequent travel policy to save money. We recommend Allianz Frequent Traveller Insurance

Scan your documents (passport, visa and driver's licence): Email them to yourself before you go, so that you can access them with webmail anywhere, and also leave copies at home with your family.


Drink water: It’s important to keep hydrated while on-the-move. 

Jet-lag: Force yourself to adapt to the time zone at your destination. Rehydrate, eat and sleep by local time.

In-flight health: Rise, walk and stretch as often as possible and drink plenty of water. 

Workout on-the-go: Travel with a small item like skipping rope or a stretch band.

Wear sunscreen: Apply it regularly to protect your skin regardless of the temperature or weather.

Words by Alice Nash - Published 23 September 2013
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