Going to ground

There’s nothing like taking your shoes off the minute you hit the beach … Your feet sink into the sand and little granules make their way between your toes. Well, it turns out this direct contact between skin and earth may have some pretty serious, science-backed health benefits.

Admittedly, the practice of ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ does sound like it should be filed somewhere between ‘crystals’ and ‘full moon phase’; however, scientists now suggest that connecting with nature through our bare feet can actually help reduce inflammation, improve sleep, relieve muscle tension and lower stress. 

How? Simply speaking, the theory goes that the earth gives off negatively charged energy, which can help neutralise our modern ‘positively charged’ bodies. Leading grounding advocate and cardiologist Dr Stephen T Sinatra refers to these benefits as ‘vitamin G’ (no prizes for guessing what ‘G’ stands for), and some of the studies he’s collaborated on even go so far as to say that 10 minutes of grounding could enhance our blood flow, helping boost alertness and focus.   

So, the next time you land at your destination, consider getting outside for a few minutes to ‘ground’ yourself in the closest park, beach or forest. It could just be the best thing for your weary jet-lagged mind and body.

Lucy E Cousins - Published 28 November 2019
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