Eat, Pray, Love in Bali with Alana Lowes

If you are dreaming of being nurtured and nourished in Bali, head out of the busy holiday spot of Seminyak or the party rat race of Kuta and nestle yourself among the blissful rice paddies and book a stay at Bliss Sanctuary for Women.

Situated in the quiet laid back village of Canggu, just 15 minutes from Seminyak, Bliss Sanctuary is the perfect spot to base yourself for a week long retreat and to immerse yourself into Balinese culture and cuisine.

Bliss Sanctuary offers a number of different packages, but if you are a foodie at heart the pick is the Eat, Pray, Love and Fab Foodie package.  Each will take you on a journey of inner peace, deep rest, relaxation and amazing Balinese food and culture and pampering.

A personal driver is on hand to take you wherever you would like to go and if you (and some of the other ladies) desire to venture outside the sanctuary to eat out I would highly recommend heading into Seminyak and booking a table at Plantation Grill at the Double Six Luxury Hotel.  The stylish interior harks back to the 1920’s and if you can, grab a table at a subtly lit booth with dark leather chairs to really fully immerse yourself in the dining experience. 

The Ultimate 3 Beef Steak Sandwich is refined and flavourful and the ideal dining companion for the travelling lady, but if you are feeling a little more peckish follow it up with the Spice Roasted Duck on the Bone with classic Paris Mash.  If you have a group of Bliss ladies, look at what is on offer from the Wood Grill which includes tiger prawns, whole snapper and the baby back pork ribs are an absolutely must.

During your stay at Bliss Sanctuary for Women you will most likely be treated to a cocktail at Potato Head Beach Club, also in Seminyak.  Think cocktails, dining and partying on its lawn beachfront.  People watching at its best.

The beauty of staying at Bliss Sanctuary for Women, at the end of a night out wining and dining, you can retreat to your blissful retreat to rest and begin another day of nurturing and nourishing your body and soul.

Must do:

For the full Eat, Pray, Love, experience, book in with the Bliss Sanctuary healers. 

Sami, a fifth generation Balinese healer, performs diagnostic and intuitive massage.  The strength of his massage can be strong, but he works to remove the stresses from the body and the relief is incredible.

Erlangga, a trained psychologist and advanced tarot card reader, combines science and spirituality to provide guidance and clarity through tarot readings.

Henry, a colour punturist, uses coloured Swarovski crystals and rods in a painless and soothing therapy on the relevant acupuncture points on the skin to provide holistic healing.


Bliss Sanctuary for Women


All meals are included at Bliss Sanctuary, however, if you would like some extra indulgence try:

Plantation Grill at the Double Six Luxury Hotel

Potato Head Beach Club

Quick Facts 
Time Zone GMT +8
Languages Indonesian, though English is widely spoken
Currency Indonesian Rupiah
Electricity 110/220 volts AC (50 Hz)
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