Discover Broome

One of the remotest, wildest and most beautiful expanses on earth, the Kimberley waits just hours away.

Situated in the secluded north west throes of Western Australia, the quaint pearling town is flanked by endless cobalt blue ocean, white sand beaches, red ochre cliffs and rust orange earth.

The southern gateway to the Kimberley, Broome witnesses the desert meet the sea with remarkable ancient history and breathtaking natural wonder. More than just an Outback pit-stop, the area is a vibrant oasis of colour, character and things to do and see.

There’s no better time to visit Broome than right now. The dry season boasts warm days, balmy nights and clear blue skies.

Visit close to the full moon to witness the region’s most spectacular natural wonder, the Staircase to the Moon. Every month from March to October, for three days after the full moon, the moon reflects on the North West’s shiny mudflats to create the illusion of a long shimmery staircase ascending into the sky. Experience the spectacle from Roebuck Bay. Join in as locals celebrate the event at the Town Beach Night Markets. Or take in a magnified view with a Broome astronomy experience.

Australia is no stranger to beautiful beaches, but Broome’s Cable Beach ranks among the best of the best. Renowned as one of the most stunning beaches in the world, Cable Beach stretches for 22 kilometres, with pristine white sand and calm blue water. Discover Cable Beach in sensational fashion from atop a camel at sunset.

Just when it seemed that Broome’s coastline couldn’t get any more impressive, Gantheaume Point reveals a 130 million years old treasure… dinosaur footprints. Amid the point’s red sandstone cliffs, gigantic 30-metre long Sauropod footprints stamp the earth, highlighting Australia’s ancient history.

The beauty of the region isn’t just restricted to the coast. One of the remotest, wildest and most beautiful expanses on Earth, the Kimberley waits just hours away.

There are few regions more quintessentially Australian than the Kimberley. Home to some of Earth’s most rugged terrain and spectacular wildlife, the Kimberley paints a postcard-perfect picture of the Outback. Take to the road and explore World Heritage Listed Purnululu National Park, home to the region’s most renowned star, the Bungle Bungle range.

Discover Broome

Words by Alice Nash - Published 20 August 2012
Quick Facts 
Population Approx 15,000
Area 55,795 km2
Time Zone GMT +8
Languages English (official)
Currency Australian dollar (AUD)
Electricity 220 – 240v 50Hz
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