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Travel to the top of the Berlin TV Tower – a former symbol of the superiority of socialist East Germany, which today overlooks a constantly-evolving and unified city.

A captivating and diverse destination, the German capital preserves traces of its complex history, amongst a vibrant metropolis celebrated for its culture, art and nightlife.

While Berliners looks towards the future with an open attitude, they have not forgotten their heritage, and pay respect to it with a number of thought-provoking monuments, restored buildings and unique museums and galleries. 

Explore memorials built in tribute of those persecuted during Nazi reign. Cross the former boarder of East and West Berlin, where the Berlin Wall once stood guarded by Checkpoint Charlie. Visit the Reichstagthe meeting place of the German national parliament, destroyed during war and since rebuilt.  Walk among the passages of the majestic Brandenburg Gatea long-standing symbol of the Germany’s tumultuous history.

Roam the World Heritage Listed ensemble of galleries housed on Museum Island.  Learn about two millennia of German Jewish history at Berlin’s Jewish Museum. Travel to the top of the Berlin TV Towera former symbol of the superiority of socialist East Germany, which today overlooks a constantly-evolving and unified city. 

Modern Berlin is an exciting place to visit and live. Over the past 30 years, a rich and growing cultural landscape has attracted hoards of young people and international artists that have in turn established the city as an epicentre of ‘cool’ and counter-culture. 

Spend a day in Kreuzberg’s Görlitzer Park, an old railway station turned graffiti-garnished park, inundated with musicians and authentic hipsters. Wander the famous East Side Gallery in Friedrichshain, where street art brightens the longest still-standing segment of the Wall. Peruse the colourful boutiques of Prenzlauer Berg’s tree-lined streets, which in the 1990s famously fostered punks and a distinct bohemian clamour. 

Encapsulating the city’s enthusiasm for counter-culture, Berliners love to party... and party they do, in a number of unique settings that make Berlin’s nightlife legendary. 

Kick back at sunset in a deck chair with an industrial Spree-side vista at one of the city’s numerous ‘beach’ bars. Join the crowds that frequent hip bar hubs like Kreuzberg's Oranienstrasse or Neukölln’s Weserstrasse. Witness the true spirit of modern Berlin, with a night spent revelling past dawn at superclubs like Kater Holzig, Bergheim or Salon Zur Wilden Renate…  Don’t be put off by the queues; these venues are undeniably worth the wait.

Words by Briony Skinner and Alice Nash - Published 9 September 2013
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