Best Post-Holiday Detoxes

The skin is our largest and most underrated organ – it efficiently eliminates toxins through its pores to aid detoxification.

To help you discover your best post-holiday self, we enlisted the ultimate guide to the good life, YOLO to give us the downlow on detoxing. 

Fresh Squeezed Lemon in Warm Water

Before breakfast, squeeze half a fresh lemon into just boiled water, and add a measure of cold water to prevent scolding. Lemon juice is alkalising, and assists the body to flush out the system and stimulate digestive acids. 


Practicing yoga regularly has a powerful effect on the body. It relieves stress and soothes the adrenals and mind. See YOLO’s Best Yoga Poses suggestions.

Dark Leafy Greens

Flush toxicity out and flood nutrients in with dark leafy greens. Rich in phyto-nutrients, low in carbs and full of fibre and water, they are both satiating and detoxifying. Try steaming broccoli rabe, kale or collard greens, or for an on-the-go hit of greens look for a low-sugar powdered green product.

Morning Juices

Replace your regular morning coffee with freshly squeezed grapefruit or apple juice. Grapefruits are a metabolic stimulant, and apples contain the digestive aid pectin. Add cinnamon to help balance blood sugar or fresh ginger to soothe the stomach. 

Afternoon Juices

Evade afternoon energy slumps with an antioxidant-rich juice. Blend carrots, parsley (the chlorophyll stimulates digestive enzymes), beet (helps detoxify the bladder and kidneys), celery (a great diuretic), ginger, and apple. 

Avoid Extra Toxins

Avoid alcohol, and excessive caffeine, red meats and dairy products. Give your body a rest while it reorients towards a healthier diet. Get your calcium from watercress and sunflower or sesame seeds, and drink plenty of filtered water. Add a dash of organic apple cider vinegar for further detoxifying benefits.


The skin is our largest and most underrated organ  it efficiently eliminates toxins through its pores to aid detoxification. To help your skin do its job, pour one cup of Epsom (magnesium) salts into a hot bath along with several drops of an essential oil such as jojoba, lemon, rosemary or olive. Together these ingredients will naturally stimulate the body. to draw toxins out and away from the body.


Exfoliating the skin increases respiration and the elimination of toxins. Apply an exfoliant with your hands using gentle circular motions to your body, then rinse and brush the skin with a loofah or sponge. This will stimulate the lymphatic drainage system, which aids the immune system to destroy pathogens and filter waste.

Tired Eyes

Alleviate tired or puffy eyes with cotton pads soaked in cooled chamomile tea (contains soothing compound azulene) or black tea (high in tannic acid and caffeine). Lay on an elevated pillow for 20 minutes to allow the blood vessels to dilate and help draw blood away from the eye area. Follow with a rich eye-cream to hydrate and further stimulate blood flow. The old trick of cucumbers works as well!

View Sophie Ward’s original article and extra tips at YOLO.  

Words by You Only Live Once - Published 2 December 2013
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