6 Ways to Escape: A South Pacific Island to Suit Every Traveller

Discover which island suits your escape with our guide to the best tropical paradise for every traveller.


Best For: Going back to basics with your best mates

How to Get There: Domestic flight from Nadi International Airport

Travel Time: 45 Minutes

Located 100 kilometres off the coast of Fiji’s largest island, Kadavu leaves the hustle and bustle of city life far behind. And while tourist activity on the island is slowly increasing, the lack of modern infrastructure keeps the majority of crowds at bay. Grab a mate willing to make do without the comforts of urban living and you’ll be rewarded with eco-friendly retreats, unspoiled beaches and glimpses of authentic Fijian culture all rolled into one.


Best For: Getting acquainted with tribal customs

How to Get There: Domestic flight from Port Vila

Travel Time: 60 Minutes

A final frontier amongst Vanuatu’s increasingly popular chain of islands, Pentecost is one of the best places to witness tribal rituals first hand, including the South Pacific’s most nerve-wracking tradition, naghol. The original inspiration for modern day bungy jumping, this seasonal custom sees local men tether their ankles with rainforest vines before plummeting head-first toward the ground below, all in the hopes of bringing a successful harvest. Beyond naghol, Pentecost offers travellers plenty of ways to immerse themselves in local culture, from village tours and plantation visits to sand drawing performances and more.


Best For: A no-expense-spared escape for two

How to Get There: Private flight from Nadi

Travel Time: 50 Minutes

Synonymous with luxury, Fiji’s Laucala Island has become a favourite with privacy-seeking celebrities and honeymooners alike. And even if you haven’t just said "I do", this exclusive resort leaves plenty to fall in love with. One of only three miniature islands off the coast of Taveuni, every last detail at Laucala is taken care of, from private in-villa pools and bespoke dining experiences to horseback rides beside the sea.

Beachcomber Island

Best For: Making new mates in the tropics

How to Get There: Ferry transfer from Port Denarau

Travel Time: 45 Minutes

If you’re planning a mates escape for more than two, there are few better choices than Fiji’s reigning party hotspot, Beachcomber Island. Purpose built to bring incredible nightlife to the South Pacific, this 24-7 resort sees travellers enjoy poolside cocktails, DJs and dancing around-the-clock. And since everyone who goes to Beachcomber Island has the same kind of holiday in mind, it's easy to expand your squad and make new mates abroad.


Best For: Getting off the beaten track with friends

How to Get There: Domestic flight from Port Vila

Travel Time: 45 Minutes

With unspoiled landscapes and luxury resorts in equal measure, Tanna Island can make even the most conservative travellers feel like trailblazers. Spend the first few days relaxing beneath a leafy canopy of palm trees before branching out to the island’s attractions, including deserted beaches, hot springs, blue holes and waterfalls. Before you pack your bags, be sure to make time for Tanna’s star attraction, Mt Yasur – an active volcano that can be scaled in the company of an experienced guide.

Viti Levu

Best For: Trading tropical relaxation for island adventure

How to Get There: Direct international flight from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne

Travel Time: 4 hours and 15 minutes to 5 hours and 50 minutes

It might be best known as the gateway to Fiji’s smaller isles, but for travellers seeking adventure, Viti Levu is the final destination. In Nadi, Jet Ski safaris and zip lines are among just a few of the top attractions, while visitors to Suva can bank on waterfall treks, boating excursions, snorkelling trips and more. After something extreme? Head to Fiji’s self-proclaimed ‘Adventure Capital’, Pacific Harbour, where you can scuba dive alongside eight species of sharks, including the largest bull sharks in the world.

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