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Frequently Asked Questions

Should our frequently asked questions not be able to provide you with the answer you are looking for, call our friendly Guest Contact Centre consultants for assistance.

For conditions of carrier, please refer to the respective airlines for details.
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What types of packages are available through Virgin Australia Holidays?

Virgin Australia Holidays is the holiday program of the Virgin Australia Group of Airlines.

We offer a variety of star-rated accommodation options that can be booked together with any Virgin Australia flights. You can then add "Travel Extras" to your holiday such as car hire, tours, airport transfers, activities, theatre shows, event tickets and travel insurance (highly recommended). Theatre show and event tickets are only available as part of a package or hotel booking.

Our holidays depart Australia and New Zealand to various destinations across the network. Travel throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, North America, United Arab Emirates and more.

For more information, simply book online or call our Guest Contact Centre.

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How can I book a Virgin Australia Holidays package?

  • Visit Virgin Australia Holidays online, search, select, book and pay online with your credit card, Velocity Points, Velocity Points + Pay, bank transfer or Virgin Australia Holidays coupon/voucher.
  • Call our Guest Contact Centre (please note a phone booking fee of $30 per person is applicable when booking via our Guest Contact Centre).

If your require additional assistance or contact our Virgin Australia Holidays Guest Contact Centre, which is open 6 days a week. We operate Monday to Friday 0800 to 1800 AEST and Saturday 0900 to 1700 AEST.

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Can I book my holiday in advance?

A Virgin Australia Holidays booking can be made whenever convenient, just as long as the destination is available. We endeavour to make your holiday as affordable as possible so be sure to register to receive our Virgin Australia Holidays email newsletters so you can be kept up to date of newly released specials.

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Why aren't all holiday packages available all the time?

Virgin Australia Holidays only display flights, accommodation, tours, car hire and additional products that are available at the time of your search and booking. Should you be searching for a holiday package advertised by Virgin Australia Holidays and not able to locate it, it is likely that the package is sold out. Please select options that are showing available or you may choose to search alternate dates. Please contact our Guest Contact Centre if you require assistance.

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What is the minimum booking lead time for a Virgin Australia Holidays package?

Minimum booking time varies from 7 days to 2 days, depending on the package selected. Typically, most packages are 2 days, however, some specials can be up to 7 days.

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Will Virgin Australia Holidays charge booking fees when booking a package?

All bookings made via our website will not incur any booking fees. However, if you wish to be assisted by our Guest Contact Centre consultants, the phone booking fee of $30 per person will be applicable.

For all bookings, a Booking and Service Fee will be added to the total price of your booking when you pay by credit card or debit card. The Booking and Service Fee covers a range of costs, activities, fees and charges in relation to the booking, including (among other things) the reasonable costs of accepting card payments.

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Can I obtain a quote from Virgin Australia Holidays and come back at a later time to confirm my booking?

We have a wide variety of packages available and pricing is current at the time of quoting.  Virgin Australia Holidays is an instant purchase booking program, unfortunately quote details/pricing can not be saved.

Pricing and availability are not guaranteed until payment has been confirmed.

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How many travellers can be in one booking?

You may book for up to a maximum of 9 travellers which include a maximum of 4 children in a single booking (some conditions apply). Please note however that the hotel rates quoted are based on double occupancy, i.e. two Guests in a room. For enquiries on maximum number of Guests allowed per room or special requests such as extra bed, please contact our Guest Contact Centre.

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Do I receive a ticket or confirmation when I book with Virgin Australia Holidays?

You will receive an email confirming the itinerary you have booked upon confirmation of your purchase. Where applicable, you may receive additional information or vouchers for “Travel Extras” booked in your itinerary.

Please print a copy of the itinerary and any other documents that may be available and always have them on hand during your travel. You may be required to present these documents at your accommodation check-in or when redeeming your transfers and / or tours/activities.

Virgin Australia is an E-Ticket (electronic ticket) airline: you will not receive a paper ticket. Once issued, the E-Ticket numbers will automatically update to your itinerary and display with your flight details. You will need to present your itinerary and photo identification on check in. If you are flying to an international destination you will need to show your passport.

You are required to print a copy of your itinerary containing your E-Ticket numbers to present upon check-in. Failure to do so may result in refusal of travel.

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How can I change or cancel my Virgin Australia Holidays booking?

Please refer to our Virgin Australia Holidays terms and conditions for information regarding changing or cancelling your booking.

Then call our Guest Contact Centre to request any changes to your Virgin Australia Holidays package.

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What should I do if I have special requests?

Passenger requiring special assistance e.g. you are travelling with an oxygen bottle, wheelchair, or pet or any other requests, you must contact the Guest Contact Centre where one of our consultants will be happy to assist you. Please note that special requests will be communicated but cannot be guaranteed. Please note that special requests will be communicated but cannot be guaranteed.

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Will I earn or redeem Velocity points when booking a Virgin Australia Holidays package?

Yes, you can earn and redeem Velocity points with Virgin Australia Holidays. For more information, refer to the Velocity Rewards terms and conditions.

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How does Virgin Australia determine between an infant and a child?

An infant is a child from one day up to, but not including, two (2) years old and will travel free. It is not possible to purchase a ticket for an infant less than 2 years of age. The travelling parent or guardian of an infant must nurse the infant on their lap for take-off and landing and or when the seat belt sign is illuminated.

A single adult cannot travel with two children under 2 years of age as each adult can only nurse one infant at any one time.

Proof of age for any travelling infant must be carried at all times - birth certificate or passport will be accepted as form of identification (ID). In the instance when proof of ID cannot be provided when requested, airport staff may / can refuse boarding.

Virgin Australia Boeing 737 aircraft are not fitted with bassinets, so all infants and children up to 2 years must be travelling with a guardian or parent (seated on the lap of the adult). A baby car seat will not be permitted on board any aircraft and should be checked in as baggage.

Children are classified as persons between the ages of 2 and 11 years inclusive. For Domestic and Trans-Tasman services a child seat is charged at full price. For International Short Haul services (other than Trans-Tasman) a child seat is charged at 75% of the full fare excluding taxes, fees and surcharges. For Long Haul International services a child’s seat is charged at 50% to 75% of the full fare (depending on the route) excluding taxes, fees and surcharges.

Note: Children travelling to or from North America in Business Class on Virgin Australia operated flights are charged at full price. A child must occupy a paid seat and cannot be carried on the lap of an adult.

To book a Virgin Australia Holidays package you must be at least 18 years or older.

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Can I check-in via the web or by using a Virgin Australia check-in kiosk?

You can check-in via the web or at our convenient check-in kiosks available for all Virgin Australia domestic Australia Guests. Please ensure you have a copy of your airline itinerary with you or your airline booking reference number, as the web check-in and check-in kiosks require this information as confirmation.

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What web browsers will allow me to make a booking?

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7, 8 and 9
  • Mozilla Firefox version 4 and 5 
  • Safari version 4 and above
  • Google Chrome version 1 and above

Should you encounter any difficulties booking online, please contact our Guest Contact Centre for assistance.

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How can I add Travel Extras to my existing Virgin Australia Holidays package?

To add additional products to your Virgin Australia Holidays package such as pre paid baggage, tours & activities, transfers, travel insurance (highly recommended), car hire, event or show tickets after your booking is complete, please contact our Guest Contact Centre for assistance. Phone booking fees do not apply to additional services added post-booking.

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Is it possible to make a Hotel only booking with Virgin Australia Holidays?

Yes, please use Virgin Australia Holidays online bookings to make a Hotel Only booking.

Alternatively, you may call our Guest Contact Centre for assistance. A phone booking fee of $30 per person is applicable when booking via our Guest Contact Centre.

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How can I use my Virgin Australia Holidays or Virgin Australia credit towards a Virgin Australia Holidays package?

Virgin Australia Holidays Credits

Virgin Australia Holidays Credit Vouchers can be used via the Virgin Australia Holidays website by adding the 17 digit code to the voucher/coupon payment section. Redeeming your Gift Card online will not attract a Phone Booking Fee. Alternatively, credit bookings can be made via our Virgin Australia Holidays Guest Contact Centre. Bookings made via our call centre will attract a phone booking fee of $30 per person.

Virgin Australia Flight Credits

Virgin Australia flight credits can be used towards a Virgin Australia Holidays package with the following restrictions:

  • Entire value of credit must be used in one booking, no exceptions
  • The booking must contain a minimum of one Virgin Australia flight and cannot be used towards Hotel Only bookings, packages with Vaustralia, Virgin Atlantic or Etihad

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Where can I find more information on baggage?

For holiday baggage information such as how much can you take on board, what is allowed as carry-on baggage, oversized and excess baggage, please refer to -

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Where can I find information on travelling with children or infants?

To make sure your journey is smooth and enjoyable for both yourself and your little one during your Virgin Australia Holidays, please refer to -

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