San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, Fishermans Wharf, Union Square, Alcatraz, these are all names synonymous with San Francisco. With a plethora of options to see, do and explore, this is one city to get excited about!

Built into 42 hills on the San Francisco Bay, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, this 125 square kilometre compact city enjoys mild temperatures year round, making this the perfect city to strap on your walking shoes and hit the streets. But be warned, those hills are steep! Lucky the cable cars will transport you to most locations. Spend time enjoying the unique personalities of each neighbourhood in this serious but casual metropolis.

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Languages English (official), Spanish, Native American
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Currency American Dollar ($USD)
Population Approx. 7.0033 million
Time Zone UTC -5
Electricity 110v - 60Hz
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Shopping in San Francisco is like nothing else. You have not shopped until several days of hard sidewalk pavement pounding has been done in San Francisco! There are more shops, arcades and malls to choose from then most other cities. The best starting point is Union Square, which is filled with name brand stores and department stores that tower stories high. Bloomingdales is a must see.

There is no shortage of great local neighborhood shopping either. Each neighborhood has it’s own section filled with local stores, cafes and restaurants. Make a point of getting off the beaten path and into some of these shopping secret corners.