When gold was struck at Kalgoorlie over 100 years ago, one of the world’s last great gold rushes prevailed, and placed the Western Australian desert town in the history books. Today Kalgoorlie still generates most of the country's gold wealth – but has matured to become a thriving regional centre, with grandiose old buildings, colourful characters and a unique nightlife.

Set in the middle of Australia's Golden Outback, with vast clear skies and a theatrical landscape, Kalgoorlie is a great place to experience a true outback adventure, encounter authentic Aboriginal way of life, and learn about Australian pioneers.

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Time Zone AWST (UTC+8)
Languages English (official)
Population Approx 30,000
Electricity 220 – 240v 50Hz
Area 273.9 km2
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Currency Australian dollar (AUD)

Kalgoorlie’s dining scene is visibly influenced by the local mining scene and an influx foreign immigrants looking to strike it big. The township isn’t overly spoilt for choice, with pubs, hotel/motel restaurants and Asian eateries providing limited dining options.

Hotel restaurants demand a lot of the area’s dining trade. Set within the Rydges Kalgoorlie Hotel, Prime West Grill prides itself on serving ‘the best steaks in the west’ within a relaxed modern setting. Carriage Room Restaurant at the Quality Inn Railway Motel dishes up fully cooked breakfasts, and seasonal lunch and diner menus that cater for both vegetarians and meat lovers. Blue Monkey Restaurant situated within The View of Hannans, specialises in modern Australian cuisine that touches on a variety of foreign influences.

When the gold rush occurred Kalgoorlie’s 30,000-stong population was catered for with 92 pubs and eight breweries. Today the population has dwindled, and many of the publicans have up and left; but the desert centre still hosts a number of drinking holes with reputable restaurants. Located on the upper level of the Kalgoorlie Hotel, overlooking the historic Hannan Street, Judd’s features a menu of modern Australian dishes with Mediterranean twists. Restaurant 259 at The York Hotel provides a welcoming dining atmosphere, which exudes nostalgia and elegance. The Balcony Bar and Restaurant at Palace Hotel offers a choice of outside or inside dining with a range of dinners options.

In the early 1900’s the prospect of gold saw throngs immigrants relocate from countries all over the world to set up their lives in Kalgoorlie. While the gold industry is no longer as prosperous, a number of migrant families remain in the desert town, operating eateries of diverse natures. Restaurants such as New Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, Fu Wah Chinese Restaurant, Top End Thai and Krua Thai & Japanese Restaurant showcase the town’s


Kalgoorlie is the retail hub of the Goldfields-Esperance region. Not only does it enjoy multi-national business chains, it also has a progressive small business community.

Hannan Street is the town’s main shopping district. International retailers like K-Mart and Target sit side by side with specialty stores and restaurants. Hannans Boulevard Shopping Centre is the town’s retail hotspot – a fully enclosed and air-conditioned shopping space.

Within three central blocks of Hannan Street a plethora of retail outlets, eateries, hairdressers and beauticians dot the streets, adding to the town’s retail scene.