Düsseldorf has a reputation as a centre for fine arts, opera and theatre. Famous opera company, Deutsche Oper am Rhein are based out of Düsseldorf and often perform at the Opernhaus Dusseldorf. A great way to get a different perspective on the city is to do a boat tour on the River Rhein. From the water visitors can see the remains of a baroque palace at Burgplatz all the way down to the uber-modern Medienhafen harbour. A vibrant mix of old and new, a visit to Düsseldorf wouldn’t be complete without a sojourn to the Altstadt, or Old Town. Known as ‘the longest bar in the world’ more than 260 bars, taverns and restaurants line its winding cobbled streets. Day or night, Alstadt bustles with locals, tourists and performing artists. The oldest building in the area dates back to 1288 but not too far away, located on the harbour and in complete architectural contrast lie, the Gehry buildings. Considered Düsseldorf’s newest landmark, these three buildings appear like a gigantic sculpture– looming out of, or even sinking back into the Earth. They are fascinating to behold and like all good art, controversial and challenging to interpret. One of the most unique experiences to be had in Düsseldorf is Karneval. Similar to the Brazilian ‘Carnival’, the city comes alive with more than 300 parades, street parties and black-tie balls. The first parade kicks off at the historically significant time of 11.11am on the 11th of November each year with the fun and festivities continuing through until the biggest and best parade at the end, which happens on Ash Wednesday.

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Languages German, English
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Area 217 km2
Population 1,220,000
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Time Zone UTC+1
Currency Euro

In the spirit of tradition steins of ale, a multitude of wursts (sausages), sauerkraut and black pudding (a sausage-like food made of cooked or dried blood) are typical representations of classic German fare. Whilst being hearty and delicious, this distinctive style of food doesn’t easily translate to fine dining, and there are limited options for vegetarians. Fortunately as a cosmopolitan European city there are plenty of alternatives and French, Italian and Asian restaurants are in good supply. Konigsalle, referred to by locals as Ko, is renowned for its upmarket restaurants and cafes. A canal runs down the centre of the chestnut-lined street, famous for its range of international dining. Germans love beer and Düsseldorf is one of the few places in the world where Altbier (old beer), can be found. Made from a traditional recipe, this copper-coloured ale dates from the end of the 19th century. At brewpub Zum Schlüssel on Bolkerstrasse in the old town, only the original Schlüssel is brewed, and it’s been that way for more than 170 years. A tour of the brewery will undoubtedly whet the appetite; afterwards, beer is pulled fresh from the wooden barrels that sit on the bar. The Alstadt region has more than 260 pubs, bistros and eateries and the river walk along the Rhine houses some of the citys most popular dining, as well giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy Germany’s famed Altbier


The elegant boulevard of Konigsalle is an exclusive designer shopping destination. Jewelers, bookshops and opulent antiques nestle themselves amongst pavement cafes and the city’s most coveted dining. In the Carlstadt neighborhood, chic concept stores mix with art galleries and antiques. Carlstadt is also home to a number of weekly markets, including the largest fruit and vegetable market in Düsseldorf on Carlsplatz Street. While the market is open every day, Saturday is the biggest. High-street and global brands can be found on Schadowstraße, one of Germany’s busiest shopping strips. If your wardrobe is less international fashion house and more dancing to the beat of your own drum head to the Flingern quarter, for fashion with flair. For cuckoo clocks and kitsch German souvenirs such as beels, beer steins and bits of the Berlin wall head to Altstadt in the heart of Düsseldorf.