Ohio’s third largest city welcomes visitors with one of the most dazzling evening skylines in America. Littered with historic architecture and irresistibly positioned on the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati promises to educate, captivate and charm. Put on your red cap, grab a bowl of Cincinnati chili and prepare to be impressed. For a city once dubbed ‘behind the times’ by Mark Twain, Cincinnati is full of surprises: It produced the world’s first concrete skyscraper; introduced night time baseball to America; and was the birthplace of the heart-lung machine which revolutionised modern surgery. Whether old-fashioned or trend-setting, there’s something a little different about The Queen of the West.

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Population 298,550
Area 206.01 km2
Time Zone UTC-5
Languages English
Currency US Dollar
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The city’s signature dish is Cincinnati Chili, a variation of chili con carne commonly enjoyed on spaghetti with cheese, onions and beans. There’s a host of chains famous for serving up this tasty treat, including Dixie, Gold Star, Empress, and Skyline. Locating one of these ‘chili parlours’ rarely requires walking more than a couple of blocks. Cincinnati is also well known for its steakhouses. Anyone who appreciates a good steak should make certain not to miss a visit to one of Jeff Ruby’s restaurants. Expect to pay the big bucks but rest assured the steak will be to die for. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is not unheard of at these iconic venues. With one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the city, the Northside neighbourhood is considered one of Cincinnati’s best for dining. Top-class Indian, Mexican, Modern American and Japanese restaurants can all be found here. Stick around after dinner for great ice cream and coffee. As serious dessert buffs would be well aware, Cincinnati is where the famous Graeter’s ice cream originated. Thus it goes without saying that wherever you are in Cincinnati, if ice cream is on the menu, Graeter’s is the word. While Graeter’s can be bought in tubs from various retailers, there are also several Graeter’s ice cream bars around the city that are great for a quick, delicious dessert


Step one for most shopaholics arriving in Cincinnati is to head to Over-the-Rhine, the city’s most famous neighbourhood and in fact the largest urban historic district in the United States. It is here that Findlay Market can be found, Ohio’s oldest continuously-run public market. The market is most energetic on Saturdays, when farmers’ markets, street performers and special events are commonplace. Before leaving Over-the-Rhine, be sure to pay a visit to the Gateway Quarter, a sub-district with numerous unique stores selling everything from handmade jewellery to eco-friendly nappies. Those lucky enough to find themselves in the Gateway Quarter on the right Saturday may catch the City Flea, a monthly flea market with every sort of weird and wonderful market stall imaginable. High-end shoppers need look no further than Kenwood Towne Centre. The popular shopping precinct is comprised largely of upscale fashion outlets, gourmet grocers and big name department stores. If serious shopping is on the menu, the 15-minute drive from downtown is well worth it. A Cincinnati institution not to be missed is Batsakes Hat Shop. While it may not sound all that inspiring, Batsakes is one of the most famous hat shops in America, with a proud history of quality craftmanship and unrivalled service. Even if it’s just for a look, drop in and experience this iconic store.