One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Amman, the capital of Jordan is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. The city itself is home to a large expatriate community and thriving financial centre.

The growth in the Amman’s population has resulted in many developments in and around the city including the creation of an entire industrial city in the Mashaita precinct as well as several large shopping and entertainment malls, numerous sky scrapers representing both residential and office towers.

Amman is one of the most liberal or ‘westernised’ cities in the Middle East. The city enjoys a thriving tourism industry thanks to its relaxed views and unrestricted worship – the country home to both Muslim and Christian faiths. This unique culture draws artists, writers and musicians to the city from countries all over the world.

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Currency Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
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Languages Arabic (official)
Time Zone UTC + 2
Population Approx. 2.5 million

For traditional food keep your eyes open for traditional shawarma and felafel stands. Shawarma consists of lamb cooked in a tasty sauce, rolled up in traditional flat bread and felafels are a great option for vegetarians, made from chickpeas they’re often served wrapped in bread with a tangy yoghurt sauce or served with salad.

The Hashem restaurant located in downtown Amman serves up generous portions of traditional Arabic food – think felafel, hummus, breads and grilled meats. A popular local haunt and with pictures of the Jordanian Royal Family enjoying food in the restaurant, it must be pretty good. Located at Al-Amir Mohammed St.

Soak up views of the city and beyond from one of the terraces at the Book@Cafe. Enjoy a light lunch with freshly made salads or an authentic Italian pizza or pasta dish. Beer and wine as well as plenty of hot drinks are served here – find a spot on one of the lounges and you’ve found the perfect place to unwind after a day spent playing tourist. Located at Omar bin al-Khattab.


Amman is home to a number of larger than life shopping centres - like Mecca Mall. Located in the cities west, it’s open every day and has a great choice of shops and family entertainment. Located at Abdullah ad Dawud.

You can find all of your favourite international brands along Wakalat St. The pedestrian only street is lined with many upmarket boutiques and there are plenty of places to stop for a coffee and refuel.