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Specific needs and assistance

Specific Service Request Form

If you require special assistance for your Virgin Australia flight you can request this via our Specific Service Request Form.

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Booking Assistance Form

If you're having any difficulties with our online booking system and would like to contact us, you can do so here.

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Infants and Children

Find everything you need to know about travelling with infants and children including fares, required travel documents, baggage allowances, support devices and Specific Assistance for children travelling alone.

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Travelling with an Assistance Dog

Virgin Australia welcomes Guide, Hearing or Assistance Dogs for carriage in the aircraft cabin subject to the dog meeting certain conditions.

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Vision and Hearing Impairments

If you require special, ‘individual’ assistance, at the airport or during your flight, we ask that you tell us about it in advance. That way, we can plan for your arrival and ensure that your travel is hassle free.

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Special Meals

To satisfy the dietary and medical needs of all our guests we offer a selection of special meals on our international long haul service.

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We only accept domestic dogs and cats for pet travel; and only on domestic flights. All other types of animals, or pets travelling overseas, must be sent by freight.

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Flying While Pregnant

Many women fly while pregnant and have no difficulties. If you are pregnant and intend to fly we recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor before you fly.

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Medical Travel Companion

Virgin Australia has partnered with Medical Travel Companions to offer a premium service that creates independence for customers who love to travel. This exclusive service is the first of its kind and will positively transform the travel experience for customers who require assistance.

Travel Nannies, Nurses or Paramedics will accompany customers on their flights to ensure a stress-free journey and to provide ‘peace of mind’ for a safe and relaxed arrival at their destination.

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Baggage Meet and Assist

Meet and Assist is a service we offer for guests who require Specific Assistance with carrying cabin baggage while boarding and disembarking the aircraft; through Customs for international flights; or to/from the check-in gate, to/from the boarding gate and to the aircraft.

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Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions may restrict your ability travel, or require clearance from a medical practitioner before you can fly. If our medical clearance form has not been completed in advance, travel may be refused for guests with a relevant medical condition.

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Nervous Flyers

Our Nervous Flyer program is for anyone that experiences overwhelming nervousness when flying and is available on all Virgin Australia operated flights, as long as you tell us at least a week in advance of your flight.

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Mobility Assistance

To make your flight as enjoyable as can be, we need to know about your specific needs in advance. To ensure we know what your requirements are, you must make your booking via our Guest Contact Centre. Should you fail to advise us in advance, your travel may be refused.

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Hidden Disability Assistance

At Virgin Australia, we recognise that some disabilities are not as visibly obvious as others, but still require specific assistance and awareness through our guests’ journeys. By understanding the assistance we can provide, and letting us know in advance, we can better support your individual requirements.


Travelling with a Safety Assistant

If you do not meet our Independent Travel Criteria you must travel with a Carer. If you need to be assisted moving to and from your seat, you will need to arrange an Assistant Person to meet you at the airport.

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Travel to and from the USA

The United States Department of Transportation's (US DoT) Final Ruling on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel (Final Ruling) applies to Virgin Australia and codeshare flights operating to and from the United States. 

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