Step 1 - Log into GSO System

>  The URL link then directs you through to Double Log In

Step 2 - Select 'One Way' or 'Return' function

Step 2 - Select One Way or Return Function (screenshot)

>  Enter From and To (Origin and Destination) for all required sectors

>  Select departure date required – Select particular departure and return time if required

>  Enter Passenger Information – Adults / Children / Infant

>  Select your Compartment Type

Step 3 - Enter in 'Group Name'

Step 3 - Enter in Group Name (screenshot)

>  Enter in Group Name – ensure this is entered in capital letters and alpha characters only


Step 4 - Select 'Group Type' and 'Reason for Travel'

Step 4 - Select Group Type and Reason for Travel (screenshot)

>  This drives the Terms and Conditions and should be selected correctly (Group Type and Reason for Travel should be the same) 


Step 5 - Select 'Search Flight' button

Step 5 - Select search flight button (screenshot)

HINT: You can continue to request new quotes while the previous ones are processing. You will be notified by a red number on your Notification Bell in the top right hand corner when a request is ready to be viewed or completed.

Step 6 - Choose Flights by selecting the radio button

Step 6 - choose flights (screenshot)

Step 7 - Choose all flights required

Note: Click on the Green Preview Offer button to request offer

Step 7 - Choose all flights required (screenshot)

You will note the yellow band at the top of the page highlights which flight selection you are in

Step 8 - Preview Offer and Summary of Terms and Conditions

Step 8 - Preview Offer (screenshot)

>  Save the Returned Offer

>  Edit Flights or Download Offer 

Step 9 - Retrieve quote from the Action Queue

Step 9 - retrieve quote (screenshot)

>  You can Download, Edit or View offer from Action Queue

Step 10 - Downloaded Document View – Group offer and Terms and Conditions

Step 10 - Downloaded document view (screenshot)

Step 11 - You can reject the offer, and complete the reject comments

Step 11 - reject offer (screenshot)