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Information for all travel agents

Virgin Australia Registered Travel Agents - How to Make and Change Bookings

Once you've received your agency code you're ready to book.  You can complete or change a booking by either:

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Payment Type Agency Website

Guest Contact Centre


Credit Card (Visa MasterCard, Amex and Diners) Yes Yes
UATP (USD, AUD and NZD) No Yes
Travel Credits No Yes
Cash No No
POLi for AUS bookings only Yes No



Account, Booking & Billing Currencies

Account Currencies

The account currency will be set upon registration, and cannot be changed. The account currency is the same currency which will be used as the agency billing currency (the payment or direct debit to the agency’s bank account).

Booking and Billing Currencies

Virgin Australia is moving to a point of sale model, where the booking currency will drive the currency of the fare and ticket. If the booking currency differs from the account currency, the booking charges will be converted to the account currency for the purpose of paying commission and/or charging the agency’s bank account for credit facility charges, as well as the subsequent charge or payment to the agency’s bank account.

Where the booking currency does not match the billing currency, transactions will be converted in SabreSonic CSS at the IATA BSR rate.

Virgin Australia’s Agency Website offers the following booking and billing currencies:

  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • The Agency Website has one booking currency per agency
  • All AUD entities (including international agents with AUD bank accounts) will need to use an AUD booking currency due to GST compliance requirements
  • Where agency line of credit is used to pay for the booking, and the line of credit currency differs from that of the booking currency, the charges will be converted from the booking currency to the agency line of credit currency using the IATA BSR rate.
  •  Any applicable commission will be paid in the same currency as that of the agency line of credit / account.

How Do I Receive Base Commission?

Australian and New Zealand Agents

Base commission payments will be directly deposited into your nominated bank account on a fortnightly basis.

International Agents

Australian/New Zealand bank account:
If you nominate an Australian or New Zealand bank account, Base Commission payments will be directly deposited into your nominated bank account on a fortnightly basis.

International bank account:
You will receive your Base Commission statement in Australian Dollars on a quarterly basis. Payment will be processed quarterly into your nominated bank account by way of telegraphic transfer. This transfer which will attract a AUD $20.00 bank fee and will be deducted from the payment. If your Base Commission payment for the quarter is less than AUD $500.00 (or equivalent) we will hold the payment for you until the following quarter so that you save on bank fees.

How Do I Make Account Related Enquiries?

You will receive a statement of all transactions that you make with Virgin Australia. Notification as shown below will be e-mailed to your nominated email address advising when statements will be available to be viewed or downloaded online. The date of payment is advised in the e-mail sent with your payment statement and is directly debited/credited to/from your nominated bank account.
Please note that any alterations/corrections will be amended on the following statement. Once your Agency Code is operational, any questions or issues relating to your statement should be directed to

“Please be advised your statement is now available to be viewed and downloaded online via the Virgin Australia Agency website. Payment will be processed on Day/Month/Year.

To access your statement, you will need to login to the website using your Virgin Australia Agency Code and password. Once logged in, select “My Statements” on the tool bar located at the top of the screen. Select the month of the statement required and this will download to your screen. (Alternatively your statement can be saved in either excel or csv format.)

Please ensure you go directly to the website and do not access via a favourite.”

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  1. BSP Ticketing Authority Application (English)
  2. BSP Ticketing Authority Application (Chinese) 
  3. Direct Connect (API) Registration Form