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Velocity brings Paris to Pitt Street


Virgin Australia’s award-winning frequent flyer program, Velocity builds the Eiffel Tower in the middle of Sydney with Guinness World Record Holder Bryan Berg to celebrate Australia’s passion for travel.

Velocity Frequent Flyer today unveiled Australia’s tallest and largest stack of freestanding cards, a 13ft version of the Eiffel Tower.

Guinness World Record holder (USA) and global sensation, Bryan Berg has been building the Parisian masterpiece in front of the eyes of the public at Westfield Sydney over the past 15 days, taking a total 120 hours to build – the equivalent of flying to Paris and back five times.

The structure is made completely out of Velocity’s first Visa Prepaid travel money card, the Global Wallet™.i Set to launch in the coming months, the new card will be the ultimate travel money solution, enabling people to load money and lock in a range of exchange rates while earning Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on purchases made in Australia and around the world.

Built using a unique grid technique informed by patterns found in bee hives and plant cells, Bryan Berg’s greatest and most technical challenge to date is strong enough to support 420 French baguettesii and if stretched end-to-end, the 75,000 cards would cover 6km – that’s twice the distance of Pitt Street.

The Eiffel Tower was chosen following a nation-wide surveyiii which uncovered Australians’ favourite global landmark. The iconic building proved more popular that the Empire State Building in the United States and the Big Ben in London.

Velocity Frequent Flyer General Manager, Phil Gunter said: “We are delighted to bring Paris to Pitt Street to celebrate Australia’s passion for travel.

“In partnership with Visa, the Global Wallet™ will make travelling an even more convenient and rewarding experiencing for Australians, giving the ability to spend like a local overseas while earning Velocity Points on purchases made all around the world”, Mr Gunter said.

A keen traveller, and Virgin Australia flyer, 12-time Guinness World Record holder Bryan Berg has stacked cards on five continents across the globe and combines his training as an architect with his passion for iconic buildings to create the Velocity card structure.

The Guinness World Record holder said of his achievement: “I have broken my own world record a dozen times, but the Velocity Frequent Flyer Eiffel Tower has definitely been my most challenging work to date. As with all of my projects, the Eiffel Tower is entirely freestanding, using only Velocity Frequent Flyer membership cards with no tape, no glue, no folding or trickery of any kind”.

Velocity Frequent Flyer is free to join; visit for more information.

About Bryan Berg

Now a worldwide sensation, Bryan has stacked cards across North America, Africa, Europe and Asia and has broken his own incredible world records on more than a dozen occasions since 1992. With professional training as an architect and a Masters degree from Harvard, Bryan now combines his passion for iconic buildings with his unique cardstacking talents to recreate some of the most famous tourist spots from all over the world.

i The offer of the Global Wallet™ will be subject to regulatory requirements being satisfied. Terms and conditions and fees and charges will apply to use of the Global Wallet™. To use the Global Wallet™ functionality on your Velocity membership card, the Global Wallet™ must first be activated. The proposed issuer of the Global Wallet™ prepaid product is Cuscal Limited ABN 95 087 822 455 AFSL 244116, subject to agreements being entered into between the parties proposing to be involved in distributing the card.. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will be available online at once card distribution commences in the coming months, for review and acceptance by any prospective cardholder before activating the card. You should consider the PDS before making any decisions about whether the prepaid facility is appropriate for you. This email does not take account of your objectives, financial situation or needs, so you should consider whether the product is appropriate for you before acquiring it.

iiThe Velocity Frequent Flyer Eiffel Tower will support 105kg. Calculation is based on an average French baguette weight of 250g (Berg’s card constructions have been tested in the structural engineering laboratory of Iowa State University, and will support 660 pounds per square foot before collapse.)

iiiResearch conducted by Galaxy Research from 9-11 April, canvassing the opinions of 1,255 Australians aged 18-64 years.