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Updates to the Virgin Australia GDS Booking Policy

Virgin Australia is committed to ensuring our Industry Partners have the necessary tools to enable the correct use of the GDS. The Virgin Australia GDS Booking Policy is intended to help our Industry Partners by ensuring maximum availability is offered by removing bookings that may not materialise, while also assisting in reducing distribution costs incurred by Virgin Australia as a result of improper GDS booking practice.

Virgin Australia would like to remind trade partners to ensure that they are following the correct GDS booking practices for Virgin Australia bookings at all times, as outlined in the Virgin Australia GDS Booking Policy.

Please note, the policy has been updated to include Pseudo City Code (PCC) Requirements which states that your PCC must be recorded in the PNR, and you must only access, market, sell, ticket or distribute Virgin Australia airfares within your PCC’s country of domicile, unless authorised by Virgin Australia.

Note: Virgin Australia audits all booking transactions to identify non-compliant booking practices and may contact individual agents to query their compliance, and where appropriate, Virgin Australia may also restrict an agency’s access to Virgin Australia inventory. Virgin Australia reserves the right to issue agents with an Agent Debit Memo (ADM) or invoice to recover distribution costs incurred as a result of breaches to this policy.

Where do I go for more information?
For more information please refer to the Virgin Australia GDS Booking Policy located on the Agency Hub Policies and Guides tab or please contact the Virgin Australia Industry Support team or your Virgin Australia Industry Account Manager.
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