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TRADE RELEASE 16 August 2019
Virgin Australia Introduces SSR 'LOVE' to Support Nervous Flyers

At Virgin Australia, we’re in the business of experience, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. We’ve uncovered that more than 10% of our guests experience high levels of nervousness when travelling, so whilst we love flying them from A to B, they might not always feel the same way.

We want all our guests to love flying as much as we do, so we’ve spent the past year designing a program to assist nervous flyers on their journey with us. The program provides information and tools for these guests in the lead-up to travel, reassuring and heartfelt interactions on the day of travel, and aims to reduce unnecessary stress on the day of travel.

Please note this program is designed for guests who are already flying and would benefit from some support throughout their travels, not for those unable to travel due to fear of flying.

Virgin Australia's Nervous Flyer Program

Virgin Australia’s nervous flyer program has been designed for guests who experience overwhelming nervousness when flying and is now available on all Virgin Australia operated flights.

• Guests can identify as a nervous flyer when making a booking, or afterwards through 'Manage Your Booking' or via the Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre.
• Agents can have the nervous flyer SSR code ‘LOVE’ added to a guest’s booking by contacting the Virgin Industry Support team.
• A week prior to departure, Virgin Australia will provide the guest with some useful and encouraging information to help alleviate common concerns.
• Guests will also receive an SMS message from Virgin Australia on their day of travel for additional reassurance.
• Cabin crew will know to keep an eye out for nervous flyers and may touch base with them before or during the flight*. The guest can also access ‘Smiling Mind’ meditations on the Virgin Australia Entertainment App along with some behind the scenes videos.
• Virgin Australia will endeavour to ensure the guest’s journey is as stress-free as possible.

Travel Agency Main Agreement (TAMA) Update

The TAMA has been updated to cover off requirements to support the nervous flyer program, which will be supported for Indirect Bookings from 9 September 2019.

Nervous flyers must consent to their information being collected by Virgin Australia for the purpose of being identified as a nervous flyer. Each time a guest wishes to identify as a nervous flyer, the SSR code ‘LOVE’ must be added to their booking.

In addition, Virgin Australia’s nervous flyer program also requires guests to receive direct communication from Virgin Australia via email and SMS leading up to and on the day of departure.

Agent process when making a booking for a nervous flyer

1 Obtain the guest’s consent to collect and disclose their sensitive personal information to Virgin Australia;
2 Advise the guest that Virgin Australia will contact them directly via email and SMS with messages, promotional material and useful resources;
3 Advise the guest that they may opt out of the service at any time by unsubscribing via email, through managing their booking or calling the Virgin Australia Guest Contact Centre; and
4 Once you have the guest's consent to be identified as a nervous flyer, contact the Virgin Australia Industry Support team to add the SSR code 'LOVE' to the booking.
Where do I go for more information?
For more information, please contact your Virgin Australia Industry Account Manager or the Virgin Australia Industry Support team.
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*The level of attention provided by cabin crew is dependant on available time and/or operational factors which may limit their ability to provide regular attention to the guest.

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