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Packaging Changes for Frozen Products in Checked Baggage

Virgin Australia currently permits guests to take frozen seafood, meat and other frozen products (Perishable Products) as checked baggage on Virgin Australia Domestic and International Short Haul flights (including VARA flights).

From 07 May 2019, guests travelling on Virgin Australia operated services to and from Hong Kong will now also be permitted to carry Perishable Products as checked baggage.

For safety purposes, and to ensure quality of carriage, guests who choose to transport Perishable Products must comply with the following packaging requirements:

• Perishable Products must be completely frozen.
• Perishable Products must be carried in one of the following approved containers: solid plastic or fibreglass eskies, coolers or chilly bins; and solid styrofoam or polystyrene boxes with lid in good condition.
• All Perishable Products must be sealed and double wrapped in plastic to prevent leakage during the flight.
• Water ice may be used, provided it is contained within sealed plastic bricks. No other water ice is permitted.
• Gel cooking packs are permitted to be used to keep Perishable Products frozen.
• Dry ice may only be used if the container is ventilated, and the carriage of dry ice is declared at Check-in (maximum of 2.5kg of dry ice is permitted).
• Soft-sided cooler bags and cardboard boxes are NOT approved containers.

Please note: containers over 23kg will be subject to an Overweight Fee and the total weight of solid styrofoam or polystyrene boxes with a lid cannot exceed 20kg.

Perishable Products that are not packed in accordance with these requirements can cause significant damage to other passengers’ baggage and the aircraft, flight delays connected with baggage removal, cleaning and flight cancellations.

The transport of Perishable Products is at the guest’s risk and is subject to the liability regime set out in Virgin Australia's Conditions of Carriage.

Where do I go for more information?
For more information, please contact your Virgin Australia Industry Account Manager or the Virgin Australia Industry Support team.
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