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IATA Resolution 830d Changes

What is Resolution 830d and what was the issue that called for change?
Resolution 830d outlines reservations procedures that International Air Transport Association (IATA) Accredited Agents must follow.

There are many bookings made by agents, where passenger contact details are not being sent to participating airlines and following the industry standard. IATA has led an awareness activity about the collection of customer contact information over the last three years, yet this remains a significant issue impacting passengers.

Virgin Australia is one of many airlines that are often unable to contact passengers within the operational window, and passengers are not being informed about changes to their flights.

What is changing in Resolution 830d from 01 June 2019?
An amendment to paragraph 4 of the Resolution will require:

1 Agents to actively ask each passenger “whether they wish to have their contact details (mobile number and/or email) provided to airlines participating in the itinerary for the purposes of contacting them in an operational disruption”.
2 Where the passenger wishes to provide this information to airlines, the agent must enter their details “in the PNR in compliance with the Resolutions governing reservations procedures.” This means using the SSRs designed for this purpose as published in AIRIMP under the authority of Resolution 766.
3 Where the passenger does not wish to do so, the agent must “actively advise the passenger that they may not receive information from the airline relating to flight cancellation or schedule changes (including delay in departure).”

What actions do agents need to take?
It is recommended agents build this new process into their procedures and make staff aware of these changes. For agents operating online platforms or self-booking tools, these requirements will need to be included in booking flows.

The method for users to enter this information will depend on the individual system. It is important you check with your GDS system to ensure the technical solution they are providing is compliant with this Resolution.

Agents can access GDS clue cards on Virgin Australia’s Agency Hub for further assistance with entries.

Should the travel agent enter contact information for every passenger in a booking?

As part of Reservation 830d, this is now an important part of the reservation process. This is no different to ensuring that every passenger’s name is correctly entered and that other information such as frequent flier details or passport information is entered at a passenger level.

Virgin Australia monitors compliance by assessing PNR level data, just as we would monitor compliance for other aspects of the reservation process such as ticketing time limits.

Virgin Australia will also begin to reference these requirements in ticketing policies, agency procedures and agreements.

Passenger Phone Contacts for Disrupts (SSR Formats Accepted)

SSR Designator(s): VA
Contact Type(s): CTCM/CTCE
Phone Format(s): 61400111222 / 0400111222 / 0400 111 222
Note: All contact numbers must contain Country code, Area code and Number.
i.e. 61 7 35511111 or Mobile 61 400111222

SRCTCM NN1-61417229118/P1/S1
Note: use // (double slash instead of @ (AT sign)
“..” (double dot) instead of “_” (underscored)

Note: use // instead of @ use .. instead of _

Note: use // instead of @ use .. instead of _

Where do I go for more information?
For more information, please contact your Virgin Australia Industry Account Manager or the Virgin Australia Industry Support team.
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