Step 1 - Log into GSO System

>  You will then be directed through to Double Log In

Step 2 - Select Series

>  Enter in From and To Information – Origin and Destination

Screenshot: select series

>  Enter Series Flight Start Date and end date for the Date of the main group

Step 3 - Select how often you want this to repeat – example every week

step 3 - series quote - repeat occurence.jpg

>  Select one way option if applicable

>  Enter passenger information – Adults / Children / Infant

Step 4 - If applicable select compartment type - Economy Cabin

Step 4 - select compartment type (screenshot)

>  Enter in Group Name in Alpha characters only

Step 5 - Select Group Type and Reason for Travel

Step 5 - Select Group Type and Reason for Travel (screenshot)

>  Group Type and Reason for travel should be the same. This drives the Terms and Conditions and should be selected correctly.

Step 6 - Search Flights

Step 6 - Search Flights (screenshot)

HINT: You can continue to request new quotes while the previous ones are processing. You will be notified by a red number on your Notification Bell in the top right hand corner when a request is ready to be viewed or completed.

Step 7 - Select flights by selecting the radio button

Step 7 - Select Flights by selecting the Radio Button (screenshot)

>  You have the option to select different flight for each week, by choosing Next Departure selection

Step 8 - Auto Select Remaining Departures

Step 8 - Auto Select Remaining Departures (screenshot)

>  To Auto Select the same flight for the remaining date selection choose the 'Auto select for Remaining Departures' button

>  Save the returned offer.


Step 9 - Download contract

Step 9 - download contract (screenshot)

>  You may Edit or Download a particular flight option if you require information on or edit a flight option on a particular date

>  You may remove a specific flight date if you no longer require

Step 10 - You can reject the offer, and complete the reject comments  

Step 10 - reject the offer (screenshot)