Keep up to date with flight information and more with Amazon Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices.

Available soon from the Amazon Skill Store, the Virgin Australia skill can retrieve flight status information, including flight status and boarding gate (where available) - perfect for guests constantly on the move. 

To get started, simply say "Alexa, open Virgin Australia".

New skills will be released in the coming months, allowing guests to do more with Virgin Australia and their Alexa-enabled device. 


Flight Status Information

Ask Alexa for the latest information on your upcoming flight by referencing the flight number or route.

"Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for the status of flight 970 today”
"Alexa, ask Virgin Australia to find a flight status by cities"

Velocity Membership Information

Link your Velocity account to unlock even more value from your Alexa-enabled device.

“Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for my points balance”
“Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for the status of my next flight”
“Alexa, ask Virgin Australia what my boarding gate is ”
“Alexa, ask Virgin Australia for my booking reference number”










Get Connected

The Virgin Australia Skill will be released early February. Enabling the skill on your Alexa device is as easy as searching for Virgin Australia on the Amazon website or app.