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In-flight WiFi

Currently, Virgin Australia is the only Australian airline flying internationally with onboard WiFi, as well as a growing number of domestic destinations too. Which means you can fly through your work. Or keep up with news… while it’s still new. And if your flight isn’t currently equipped with WiFi, stay tuned - we’re continuing to roll out the service across more of our fleet.*

Once onboard, you’ll have a choice of internet services. Just connect to the package that best suits you on your WiFi-ready device. Here’s how:     


1. Ensure your device is in flight mode, then activate WiFi


2. Connect to the 'VirginAustralia' network


3. Launch your browser. If it doesn't automatically connect, type


4. Choose the package that suits you and follow the prompts



We’ve teamed up with leading in-flight connectivity provider Gogo, using 2Ku technology to power our inflight WiFi. Gogo also service airlines around the world including Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic.
*The roll-out does not include ATRs and Virgin Australia Regional Airlines aircraft. While WiFi is being rolled out across our fleet, we are unable to guarantee that your aircraft will be equipped with WiFi. Your use of our WiFi service is subject to the Virgin Australia WiFi terms and conditions.



Frequently Asked Questions


Will my upcoming flight be WiFi enabled?

We’re rolling out WiFi as fast as we can. To find out if your flight is connected, look out for the In-Flight WiFi seatback card and listen for crew announcements onboard. You can also check up to three days prior to your departure when searching by Flight Route or Port.

What if I can’t access the service onboard? 

No need to worry. You’ll find instructions with steps listed on our In-Flight WiFi seatback card. And if you still encounter issues, you can either live-chat with a Gogo WiFi representative via the In-Flight portal, or a friendly member of our cabin crew will be able to point you in the right direction. 

What connection speed can I expect? 

Once onboard, you’ll get a choice of internet services. Domestically the choice is yours - connect to the Standard package, or upgrade to a paid High Speed Package and where applicable, pick a duration that suits you.

Our Standard package gives you access to social media apps, emails, messaging and internet browsing. Feel like watching a movie? With the paid High Speed package, you’ll have access to all this, plus video streaming on platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

If you’re travelling internationally, we have one connection speed that will allow you to browse, message and stream. You can choose to purchase either a one hour, or full flight pass. 

Will I have access my entire flight? 

Our Gogo 2Ku technology means you can access WiFi from take off to landing, across Virgin Australia operated routes^ – including to and from Los Angeles. 

Bad weather or a transition between satellites can affect connectivity, however in most instances this is rectified as the plane travels into clearer airspace.

If you’re experiencing issues connecting, you can always look to the seatback for troubleshoot tips. And if that doesn’t work, help is just a few taps away. If you’re still able to access the In-Flight portal, the Gogo help service is available with 24/7 instant chat support.

^Please note the roll-out does not include, ATRs and Virgin Australia Regional Airlines aircraft.  

I don’t want to purchase a package, can I still use the internet? 

On domestic flights our Standard Package is free. On international routes, you’ll need to purchase a package however you’ll have the ability to choose between one hour or a full flight pass. You’ll still have free access to the Virgin Australia website, in case you need to search and book flights, change or check in for an upcoming flight, or browse flight information. 

What can I do once connected? 

Well, that’s up to you! Message, browse and scroll. All packages give you access to email, messaging apps and social media platforms. But video streaming is available with the High Speed package only and on international flights.

As a courtesy to others guests onboard, we do not allow voice communication or video conferences.