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Step 1 - Log into GSO System

  • The URL link then directs you through to Double Log In

Step 2 - Select One Way or Return Function


Laptop screen showing select one way or return function

  • Enter From and To (Origin and Destination) for all required sectors
  • Select departure date required – Select particular departure and return time if required
  • Enter Passenger Information – Adults / Children / Infant
  • Select your Compartment Type

Step 3 - Enter in Group Name in Alpha characters only

  • Enter in Group Name – Ensure this is entered in Capital Letters

Laptop showing Group information - Enter in Group Name

Step 4 - Select Group Type and Reason for Travel

  • This drives the Terms and Conditions and should be selected correctly (Group Type and Reason for Travel should be the same) 

Laptop showing group type and reason for travel

Step 5 - Select Search Flight button

Laptop showing Group information - Enter in Group Name

HINT: You can continue to request new quotes while the previous ones are processing. You will be notified by a red number on your Notification Bell in the top right hand corner when a request is ready to be viewed or completed.

Step 6 - Choose Flights by selecting the Radio Button


 Laptop showing how to select flights by selecting the radio button

Step 7 - Choose all flights required. Click on the Green Preview Offer button to request offer

  • you will note the yellow band at the top of the page highlights which flight selection you are in

Laptop showing selecting flights options on the page until you reach the Preview Offer)

Step 8 - Preview Offer and Summary of Terms and Conditions



  • Save the Returned Offer
  • Edit Flights or Download Offer 

Step 9 - Retrieve quote from the Action Queue

  • You can Download, Edit or View offer from Action Queue


Step 10 - Downloaded Document View – Group offer and Terms and Conditions


Step 11 - You can reject the offer, and complete the reject comments


Laptop showing you have to select the reject comments when using