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Virgin Australia Holidays agent login

Log-in and Book – It’s now easier than ever

Virgin Australia Holidays now offers travel agents registered as a Virgin Australia travel agent access to use the Virgin Australia Holidays travel agent booking system.

If you’re registered with Virgin Australia you can use the login simply by:

  • Selecting either the domestic or international link from the table above.
  • In the username field, add the letter H before your Virgin Australia agency code,
    eg. H#######
  • Enter your new password for Virgin Australia Holidays: password
  • Once you’re logged in you can start booking straight away
  • Your login simply serves to track your agency’s commission. Your agency can use your corporate credit card or customer’s credit card to complete the booking. Credit terms are not available with Virgin Australia Holidays.

Virgin Australia Holidays booking terms and conditions apply.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or call please call our friendly Guest Contact Centre consultants on 13 15 16 for assistance.

How do I register?

You need to register with Virgin Australia if you want to access the Virgin Australia Holidays booking system.
If you are not registered with Virgin Australia, please use this link to register.