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UpgradeMe Premium Bid

Did you know that you have the opportunity to upgrade to a premium cabin class?

Use our innovative request system, UpgradeMe Premium Bid, to make an offer for the chance to upgrade to Premium Economy or Business Class.

Check Eligibility

For information on how to apply for an upgrade, see the below video.

How does UpgradeMe Premium Bid work?

  1. Make an offer to upgrade
    Determine the amount you are willing to pay to upgrade. Offers must be made per flight sector (i.e. Brisbane to Ayers Rock consists of two sectors: Brisbane to Sydney and Sydney to Ayers Rock), per passenger – for all passengers listed on the booking.
  2. Enter payment details
    Enter your payment card details to allow payment if your offer is successful (unsuccessful offers will not be billed).
  3. Review and submit
    Review your information and submit your offer.
  4. Notification of upgrade
    You will be emailed about the success of your offer no later than one day prior to departure.

View UpgradeMe Premium Bid Frequently Asked Questions.

Read UpgradeMe Premium Bid Terms of Service.

Alternatively, Velocity Frequent Flyer members can upgrade using Points via UpgradeMe Points, while Velocity Platinum members with domestic bookings can also take advantage of any available complimentary fare upgrades via UpgradeMe Platinum Member Offer.

To apply for an UpgradeMe Premium Bid upgrade refund, please read the refund eligibility criteria and complete and submit the online refund form.