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Inclusive Allowances

Baggage Allowance According to Fare Type and Velocity Membership Status:

Fare Type None/Red Silver Gold Platinum
Seat 73x35_red-purchase 73x35_silver-23x1 73x35_gold-23x1 73x35_platinum-23x2
Seat and Bag 73x35_red-23x1 73x35_silver-23x2 73x35_gold-23x2 73x35_platinum-23x3
Saver 73x35_red-23x1 73x35_silver-23x2 73x35_gold-23x2 73x35_platinum-23x3
Flexi 73x35_red-23x1 73x35_silver-23x2 73x35_gold-23x2 73x35_platinum-23x3
Premium Saver 73x35_red-23x2 73x35_smart-23x2 73x35_gold-23x2 73x35_platinum-23x3
Premium 73x35_red-23x1 73x35_premium-23x2 73x35_gold-23x2 73x35_platinum-23x3
Business 73x35_red-32x2 73x35_silver-32x2 73x35_gold-32x2 73x35_platinum-32x3

 * No single item may exceed 32kg


To minimise additional baggage fees, we suggest, where possible, you place several items or bags into one bag, case or box to count as one piece – provided it does not exceed the maximum size or weight of your baggage allowance. Please note that multiple items held together through the use of rope, tape, plastic wrap or any other similar method are not deemed to be a single piece of baggage and will not be accepted as a single piece of baggage at the check-in counter.

For example when travelling with a bike you can place additional items in your bike box such as spare wheels, tools, towels, clothes etc. as long as the box remains within the size and weight limits of your allowance. To avoid delays at the service counter, we suggest you make these precautions prior to arriving at the airport.

Baggage Limits


Travelling with Infants and Children


Adults accompanying infants are entitled to carry infant special items as checked baggage free of charge on Virgin Australia domestic flights, irrespective of their combined weight. These items include, but are not restricted to the following:

If the adult does not have a baggage allowance the above items can still be checked in free of charge. Other infant items, such as clothing and toys, form part of the adult's baggage allowance.


Children are entitled to the same baggage allowance as adults. Adults accompanying children are entitled to carry one car seat or booster seat per child as checked baggage free of charge, irrespective of the weight. If the adult does not have a baggage allowance, the car seat or booster seat can still be checked in free of charge.

Non-standard Items

Allowances regarding other items such as sporting equipment and musical instruments can be found in Oversized and Fragile Items.

Pre-Purchased Baggage additional baggage allowance

Additional baggage fees and overweight bag fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

For all International Short Haul guests (including Velocity Members), additional baggage is charged at per piece rate.

Additional baggage charge details fare as follows:

Pre-Airport (Online / Guest Contact Centre)

Guests traveling on a Seat, Seat and Bag, Saver, Flexi or Business fare have the option to pre-purchase up to additional pieces of baggage allowance in addition to the included baggage allowance for all fare types. AUD charges for total pre-purchased bag pieces in addition to the included allowance depend on fare and Velocity membership. See Appendix for Baggage Fee pricing.

Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage Fees for extra pieces purchased at Airport

We recommend that you pre-purchase additional baggage allowance before your check-in. A charge will apply at the airport for any pieces in excess of pre-purchased or included baggage allowances.

Fees are charged for each additional bag, per flight.

In addition, please note the following general guidelines and restrictions.

See appendix for Baggage Fee pricing.

A charge will apply at the airport for any pieces in excess of free and pre-purchased allowances. Fees are charged for each additional piece, per one-way journey (includes formal connecting flights). Fees charged at check-in can be paid by credit card, cash or EFTPOS.

Unaccompanied Baggage

We cannot accept checked baggage that is not travelling with a guest. Unaccompanied baggage must be sent as Freight.

Interline and Codeshare Partners

If your journey involves multiple flight segments operated by more than one carrier, then different baggage allowances may apply. For more information, please visit the Codeshare and Interline Partner webpage.