information International short haul definition

What is Allowed



All guests travelling on our international short haul network are permitted to take up to 7kg of carry-on baggage on board. Carry-on baggage may consist of:


Bulky Carry-on Baggage

The only item that can occupy a seat (apart from a guest) are a cello or a guitar. Guests planning to travel with a cello or guitar should call the Guest Contact Centre to book an extra seat. 

Personal Items

In addition to the carry-on baggage allowance, one of the following personal items may be carried in the cabin:

*A laptop in thin satchel-style laptop bag is considered to be a personal item. A laptop in larger laptop bag will be counted as part of a guest’s carry-on allowance.

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels

Guests are permitted to carry liquids, aerosols, and/or gels (with caps) in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml each. All containers must fit comfortably inside a single 1 litre transparent, completely sealed, re-sealable plastic bag. This bag must be presented separately at the security screening point.


For further details on airport security visit:

What is Not Allowed



Sharp objects, such as scissors, nail files and pocket knives, cannot be taken through airport security screening points. Sharps detected by security screening will be confiscated. We recommend guests place these items in their checked baggage prior to check-in.

These restrictions do not apply to guests who require syringes for medical use (e.g. diabetics). Aviation security measures allow for these items to be carried onboard an aircraft after they have been screened.


Items that have the potential to be used as a weapon – as determined by Virgin Australia ground crew or security personnel – may not be permitted past airport security screening.

Inflatable Items

All inflatable items must be deflated before they are permitted as carry-on baggage. Inflated items must travel in the hold of the aircraft as checked baggage. This includes inflated sports balls (i.e. footballs and basketballs).

Cabin Safety

Carry-on baggage that exceeds weight or size limits may cause injury to our guests and crew, and is therefore not permitted in the aircraft cabin. Guests carrying overweight or oversize cabin baggage will have these items specially tagged, and checked into the aircraft’s hold, by our boarding gate team.

On arrival the guest will be required to collect these bags at our Baggage Services counter in the arrivals hall. Additional charges may be payable on collection of bags that were tagged at the gate. Airport checked baggage rates will apply.