Seat Selection

Seat selection is available for:

You can follow this process to select your seat:

  1. Choose 'select' or 'change' to make your seat selection.
  2. If eligible for seat selection, you will be shown a seat map on the following page
  3. Use your mouse to click on an empty seat of your choice
  4. Available seats will be coloured grey and referenced in the key as 'Available Seat'
  5. After you make your selection, your seat will be highlighted green and will be referenced in the key as 'Your Allocated Seat'
  6. Other members in your booking will be shown in white and be referenced in the key as 'Assigned to a person in your group'
  7. Once you have selected your seat, press 'select' and you will be taken back to the payment page where you can view your seat selection
  8. Complete your booking and you will see your seat selection on your confirmation page also

We will always attempt to provide you with your preferred seat selection though due to operational reasons, seat selections are not guaranteed.