independent travel criteria

In order for you to travel independently, we require you to have the ability to carry out the following four tasks without assistance:

Reach for, pull down and secure an overhead oxygen mask (including fastening/unfastening the straps);

oxygen mask usage

Don a lifejacket, which involves reaching for and removing a life jacket from the plastic pouch under your seat, putting the lifejacket over your head, passing the straps around your waist, clipping the ends together and pulling the toggles to inflate;

life jacket usage

Fasten/unfasten your own seatbelt (although our cabin crew can assist with fastening seatbelts prior to departure and unfastening seatbelts on arrival, in the event of an emergency or turbulence during a flight, a person must be able to manipulate their own seatbelt); and

seatbelt usage

Be able to understand and respond to cabin crew directions, including directions about emergency procedures.

If you are unable to perform the above four tasks without assistance you must travel with a Carer.

Please also be aware that cabin crew are unable to assist you with the following during a flight:

Accordingly, if you want or need to do any of these things during a flight and cannot do so without assistance, you must travel with a Carer.

A person who acts as your Carer must be physically and mentally able to assist you to carry out the relevant requirements/tasks.


If you provide us with incorrect or insufficient information, and you are required to travel with a Carer and do not arrive at the airport with one, we reserve the right to refuse travel until a Carer is provided. In this instance, we may rebook you on a later flight at no charge.