assistance person (australian domestic flights only)

In some circumstances, you may satisfy our Independent Travel Criteria but may weigh over 130kg* and require assistance to transfer from your own wheelchair to the airport wheelchair to the aircraft seat and vice versa.

*Due to OHS regulations, our staff are unable to transfer guests who are over 130kg in weight. In these circumstances we can only assist with lower body transfers (guidance of the lower body/legs whilst transferring)

Virgin Australia will require you to arrange for an assistance person to assist you in this situation. Assistance persons do not need to travel with you but will need to assist you on board the aircraft prior to departure and upon arrival at your destination (i.e. you will usually require two assistance persons).

It is the guests responsibility to notify Virgin Australia at the time of booking of the need for an assistance person so the necessary security requirements can be met. An Assistance Person does not have to travel with you but must assist you with:

If your travel plan includes travel to or from an international port you will be required to travel with a Carer as individuals not in posession of a boarding pass are restricted from entering the immigration and security screening area of International Ports on departure and arrival.